December 18, 1997

Can't find that perfect holiday gift? Stop looking. Here it is: Thursday’s Synopsis.

Roman, Marlena, Eric, John, Abe, and Lexie are at the mall; Roman and Marlena are at a table.
Roman: Gee, Doc, it's too bad John couldn't stay with us longer. But I know it’s because he's busy, and not because he's madly in love with you. And I certainly didn't notice a certain set of twins being rude to him. I would pick up on that. I'm a great cop.
Marlena: It's nothing to worry about. I am worried about Eric, though. He doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. At least Sami has decided, and I'm so proud of her. She's one of the fastest-rising criminals in the state.
John: (arriving) Hello, Marlena, love of my life. (they kiss)
Roman: I know Marlena and John are just friends. It's nothing more. I'll go shopping now; Doc, ask John about Christmas.
John: What about Christmas?
Marlena: Roman wants you to come over for Christmas.
John: Why can't we tell him the truth now?
Marlena: We promised we'd wait until he was well. He has a hang nail.
John: We can't tell him in that condition, and that's a fact. (they hug)
Eric: (returning) I'm glad I walked in on this and not Dad. John, can't you keep your hands off of her? Mom, John acts like he owns you.
John: Eric, I've tried to be understanding with you, but think of this: She’s the woman. I'm the man. This is Salem. I do own her. And I think Abe wants to talk to me.
Abe: John, Jack has assaulted a ranger and run off with his gun and uniform.
John: Doesn't he know he's only making things worse? He should let the cops do their jobs, like I do every time Marlena gets kidnapped.
Abe: Uh-huh. Well, I don't like the way this case is going, so I'm going to Arizona to check it out. I start to worry after the first seventy-five mistakes or so.

MEANWHILE, Susan is traveling, looking for someone who can help her get her baby back.
Susan: I could have asked John and Marlena for help, but they would think I’m a bad mother. A good mother dumps their kids on a nanny and never checks on them until the holidays. Maybe not even then.

OVERVOICE: We will return for the second half of Days of Our Lives in just a moment.

Announcer: Our Cover Girl said "a disgrace!" I can't put make-up on my face. My clothes are too tight to move my arm, and bulimia has lost its charm. But if you had my hair staff, see, then maybe you would look like me. Fresh idea, fresh face to the world, easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl.

MEANWHILE, Kristen is with her crooked lawyer.
Kristen: Are you sure this will work?
Lawyer: Does anyone get to be a big shot lawyer by letting people down?
Kristen: Two words: Mickey Horton.

MEANWHILE, Jack has let Travis out of the cellar.
Travis: Jack, it's me. Wow, you look a lot different from when you were my cell mate.
Jack: Prison is one of those things that changes a man. Like contracts.
Travis: I should have killed you last time. I won't miss this time.
Jack: Sure you will. I'm the good guy and you're the bad guy.
Travis: No fair. What if I help you look for Jenn? She locked me in the basement and escaped, you know.
Jack: That can't be. I'm the man. I have to save her. All she's allowed to do is moan. I'll have to have Marlena talk with her when we get back to Salem.
Travis: She could always fall down an elevator shaft.
Jack: An elevator shaft? In the woods? That's ridiculous.
Travis: Maybe she could be attacked by a coyote.
Jack: She could throw a stick at it.
Travis: What kind of a coyote would run just because you throw a stick at it?
Jack: True. But you aren't coming with me. Do you take me for a fool?
Travis: Well . . .
Jack: Don't answer that. Get back in the basement.

End of Show
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