November 26, 1997

Yes, it's what you've all been waiting for. (No, not really, but maybe well humor you and read it.) It's Wednesday's Synopsis.

Carrie and Austin are, well, doing the same thing they always do.
Austin: Carrie, let's have kids.
Carrie: No way! I'm not passing your genes on.
Austin: Then let's have breakfast.
Carrie: (food sticking out of her mouth in all directions) I don't know if I can. I'm SO worried about Jennifer.
Austin: Then, fix your hair and we'll go see my mom.
Carrie: My hair is supposed to look like this.
Austin: Oh. (They arrive at Titan to overhear the end of a conversation between Lucas and Kate.)
Lucas: Mom, let me help you.
Kate: No. You can't help, only Austin can. Plus, you have this ungrounded idea that I prefer Austin to you.
Carrie/Austin: We're here.
Austin: While Carrie talks to Mom, Lucas can fill me in on the business Ive missed.
Lucas: Okay. When was the last time you came to work?
Austin: That would be never.
Lucas: I'm having problems with Sami.
Austin: I wish Will's parents could like each other.
Lucas: Well, our parents didn't and we turned out okay, didn't we? (pause) Oh.
Austin: Anyway, I'm glad you're Will's father.
Lucas: Thanks.
Austin: Was that a compliment?
Carrie: (entering) I've been promoted!
Lucas: You deserve this, Carrie.
Kate: Yes, she does. Anyone who can put up with my son . . .

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Peter are on the phone.
Stefano: I wish I could help you with Jennifer, but the police are all around.
Peter: The Salem police? You're worried about the Salem Police? (lies down laughing)
Stefano: It IS pretty funny.
Peter: I can't wait to see the look on Jen's face when she sees me.
Stefano: I know. Her look of shock. Remarkably similar to her looks of anger, disgust, joy, confusion, worry, concentration, fear, and hate.

MEANWHILE, Jennifer is with Travis and calling Abby.
Jennifer: Hi, Abby.
Abby: Himommy.
Jennifer: Are you on grandma's phone?
Abby: Yesmommy.
Jennifer: You are too old for this. I've told you time and time again: use a cell phone.
Abby: Sorrymommy.
Jennifer: Well, Travis's map just happens to have a big circle and label around where he's taking me. So remind everyone of the story about the Grand Canyon.
Abby: Yesmommy. Bye.
Travis: Ha ha. We aren't really going to the Grand Canyon. We're going to . .. AREMID. Did you know that that's DiMera backwards?
(The phone rings again. It is Jack.)
Abby: DaddyIjusttalkedtomommy.
Jack: What did she say?
Abby: She'sinthegrandcanyon.
Jack: Oh. Mommy and I love you. That's why we're never around. No one should be subjected to us.
Abby: Howhasyourdaybeen?
Jack: I saved a bunch of peoples' lives. Naturally. I'm a hero.
Abby: Bye.
Man in store: That kidnapped woman who was dragged through here was in a car with plate number TRH782.
Jack: TRH782. ARH782. ARE782. AREM82. AREMI2. AREMID. Oh no. I think I've mixed up the number. Wait! Aremid?
(Jack goes to Aremid.)
Jack: Jennifer?
Jennifer: Jack! Now we can have Thanksgiving.
Jack: And hang the Horton ornaments on the turkey?
Jennifer: Okay.


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