October 14, 1997

Okay, I wrote this synopsis from Dustin's spoiler because by the time Dayscomes on I'll be on my way back to school. See you at Thanksgiving or whenever I come back again. As always, thank you to the people who sent me nice posts and e-mails. Here's what will happen today. (Days? Predictable? Nah.)

Carrie and Austin are waiting for room service while Sami is sneaking in.
Austin: Uh . . . food?
bell boy: I'll check, sir.
Austin: Not . . . uhh . . . a . . . uhhh . . . check. Uhhhh . . . put . . .uhh . . . it . . . uhh . . . on . . . uhhh . . .the . . . uhh . . . bill.
Sami: Oh, Austin. He's so smart and eloquent. I could never do better andneither could my sister.
Carrie: Never mind, Austin. I'll just write in my diary.
Austin: Uhh . . . can . . . uhhh . . . I . . . . uhh . . . read . . . uhh . ..it?
Carrie: Don't be silly. You can't read. Let's go find Mike and Debra. Therethey are.
Mike: Debra, why don't you come to Isreal with me to see Jeremy. (on phone toRobin) Can I see Jeremy for a few days?
Robin: (on phone) You haven't seen him for years. But it's much more importantthat he go on a camping trip.
Carrie: Hi, Mike and Debra. Come on, Austin.
Austin: Uhhh . . . she . . . uhh . . . looks . . . uhh . . . familiar.
Carrie: Don't be silly. She doesn't look like anyone, certainly not my littlesister. Anyway, Sami would never chase us to Europe. She's NEVER done anything like that before.
Debra: Carrie, Mike is ready to move on even though he's in love with thatmarried woman.
Carrie: Good. I wonder who the woman could be. How many recently marriedSalemites does he know?
MEANWHILE, the search for Roman's cure is still going on.
Stefano: John is dead.
Kristen: Oh, there's something new to talk about.
Hope: We still need to get the flower.
Kristen: Yeah, let's go.
Hope: Wait, don't step there, you'll die. (pause) Maybe I should have let herstep there. Here's the flower.
Kristen: I'm not leaving without John.
Hope: He's dead.
Kristen: How stupid are you? He's alive and he loves me.
Hope: How stupid are you? Never mind, we're out in the middle of a wildjungle. We need to-
Stefano: Have a conferrrrrrrrence call!
Abe: (on phone) Did you get the flower?
Stefano: Don't you have anything else to worrrrrrrry about?
Abe: Well, Lexie and I were talking about having kids.
Stefano: Don't be rrrrrridiculous. You can't have kids in a stable marriage.
All: Oh yeah.

End of Show
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