October 10, 1997

Days-free for six weeks plus! But I have a long weekend, so I thought I'd
better come home to catch up on my soap. :-) You know, SO much has happened
since I've been at school. I'm a little out of practice, but this is what happened today.

Carrie and Austin are waking up.
Carrie: Austin, I had a dream where I was being kissed. Kiss me like that.
Austin: Uhh . . . okay.
Carrie: That isn't the same. It's too bad I can't even tell who I'm kissing.
Austin: Uhhh . . . don't . . . uhh . . . worry. I . . . uhhh . . . can't . .
. uhh . . . even . . . uhh . . . tell . . . uhhh . . . if . . . uhhh . . .
I'm . . . uhh . . . sleeping . . . uhhh . . . with . . . uhhh . . . you . . .
or . . . uhh . . . Sami.
Carrie: Let's go sightseeing now.
Austin: No . . . uhh . . . let's . . . uhhh . . . have . . . uhh . . . sex.
Carrie: Oh, Austin!

MEANWHILE, Mike and Debra are also getting ready to go touristing.
Debra: Let's go with Carrie and Austin. You enjoy being with them, right?
Mike: Oh, the irony! Gag me with a spoon.
Carrie: Well, here we are. Let's go.
Mike: This place has a lot of history. There was a man named Claudius-
Austin: Hee . . . uhh . . . hee . . .uhhh . . .hee. Funny . . . uhh . . .
name. Austin . . . uhhh . . . no . . .uhhh . . . like . . . uhhh . . . that .
. . uhh . . . name.
Carrie: Oh, Austin!

MEANWHILE, John and Hope are searching for a cure for Roman.
John: Hope! The natives will hear us, and that's a fact.
Hope: Can I say something?
John: Yes, and that's a fact.
Hope: Get off my foot. Only Bo is allowed to walk all over me. Where are the
natives, anyway?
John: See? Those white guys in skirts. And that's a fact.
Hope: John, those aren't natives. They're the Scottish Historical Society.
John: Oh, so-
Hope: DUCK!
John: I was almost hit by a falling bagpipe. You saved my life.
Hope: Oh, John.

MEANWHILE, Sami is with Kate.
Sami: I'm going to Rome. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!
Kate: Then I'm gonna take my ball and go home.
Sami: We are at your home.
Kate: You wouldn't leave Will here if you cared for him.
Sami: Ahem. PHILIP?
Kate: Phil-who?
Sami: Anyway, Will needs Austin.
Kate: Why?
Sami: So no matter how dumb he might turn out to be, he'll never feel bad.
Kate: Don't you care about your father?
Sami: John will find a cure. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's SUPERJOHN!

MEANWHILE, Marlena and Eric are at the hospital with Roman.
Marlena: Eric, go get your father some tea.
Eric: He hasn't had tea yet? No wonder he's sick. Tea fixes everything.
Roman: Marlena, we both know there's no hope.
Marlena: I don't know that.
Roman: Well, maybe YOU don't, but that isn't saying much.
Sami: (arriving) What happened? No one told me Daddy was worse! Now I can't go
on my trip.
Roman: No, Sami. I want you to get out of Salem.
Sami: So? A lot of people do.
Roman: Deal with your grief. Your Mom is a great role model.
Sami: I know, but I just can't seem to levitate.
Eric: (aside, to Sami) I know you're up to something.
Sami: Why don't you mind your own business?
Eric: As far as I know, I don't have any.

End of Show

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