August 26, 1997

Here it is, my very last synopsis. Thank you one last time to everyone who said such nice things about it. See you at Thanksgiving or whenever. I wish I could go out with a bang, but I'm short on time so this will be a quick one.

Jack is getting a visit from Jennifer and Abby.
Abby: Yjhdsh djhfdj dshkfnzhk.
Jennifer: Look, Jack, Abby drew you a jail bird.
Abby: Hdsbf dkjsnb fdskn fd, xsn nvm.
Jennifer: I just happen to have a few hundred crayons in my purse, so you can finish it.
Jack: Jennifer, you need a new life.
Jennifer: I won't get anything new as long as Charlie writes this show.

MEANWHILE, Trent is breaking into their house.
Trent: So here I am in Jennifer's house.
Laura: Trent, thank you for breaking into our house. That's so sweet of you. You’re such a good man.
Trent: I know. Say, how about you get Jennifer a body guard?
Laura: She doesn't want one. But Salem mothers don't care what their kids want.

MEANWHILE, Carrie and Mike are on their way home.
Carrie: Since I won't be saying anything new anyway, I'll just have a dream sequence. I'll convince Austin to marry me. Who he marries is a spur-of-the- moment type thing.
Mike: Hi, Carrie.
Carrie: Hi. Remember when Austin and I couldn't keep our hands off each other?
Mike: I was trying to forget.

MEANWHILE, Sami and Austin are getting ready for the wedding.
Austin: So . . . Sami . . . told . . . Carrie . . . about . . . the . . .wedding.
Eric: Yes.
Austin: I . . . wanted . . . to . . . do . . . that. Hurting . . . Carrie . .. is . . . my . . . job.
Eric: Call her now.
Austin: She . . . loves . . . Mike. It's . . . obvious . . . to . . . me.
Eric: Something is obvious to YOU. Where am I, the twilight zone?
Sami: Hi, Lucas.
Lucas: Hi. Why are you worried?
Sami: I just get nervous when I have flashbacks to that ugly hat I wore a few weeks ago. I'm going to get my hair done
now. Bye.
Lucas: (to phone) What? Sami lied? This surprises me WHY?

End of Show

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