August 25, 1997

This is my next-to-last synopsis before leaving for college, so you won't have to put up with this for much longer. Days was a nice break from turning my life upside down today, so I almost don't want to make fun of it. RELAX! I said almost.

Hope and Abe are at the jail.
Hope: So John wants to let Stefano out? That's stupid even for him.
Abe: And he might not come back alive.
Hope: Die? In Salem?
Abe: What am I saying? John must be rubbing off on me.
Hope: If John vanishes and Roman dies, Marlena will be kidnappable.
Abe: What was she before?

MEANWHILE, John is talking to Kristen.
Kristen: I want Roman to live. Don't you?
John: Of course. Now leave me alone and let me think.
Kristen: Let him think? Gee, he figures out that someone else was crying our baby and he gets all uppity.
Caroline: (entering) John, I can't lose Roman again.
John: I know. You've lost him, what, five times so far?
Caroline: More, but I don't expect you to count that high. Don't feel bad, though. Austin can't even make it to five.
Hope: (entering) John, I'm gonna tell the teacher on you. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.
John: Tattle-tale! (raises an eyebrow) So, don't you feel sorry for yourself after your problems with Bo and Billie and Franco?
Hope: Yes! I'm so picked-upon- hey! What was I just going to do?
John: I forget.

OVERVOICE: We will return for the second half of Days of Our Lives in just a moment.

Announcer: Ice breakers gum freshens your breath.
Woman: Your breath is much fresher.
Man: It's this ice gum. My mouth is frozen together, like when you lick metal in the winter.
Woman: So that's why I can't smell your breath.
Announcer: Whatever works.

Announcer2: This week on Sunset Beach . . .
Woman: He had no idea he was making love to you, did he?
Woman2: Of course he did. What is this, Days of Our Lives?
Announcer2: Sunset Beach is a very unique and original soap.

MEANWHILE, Mike and Carrie are still at the doctor's cabin.
Carrie: Austin and Sami are renewing their vows.
Mike: Did you hear wrong? (quietly) I hope not, I hope not.
Carrie: No, that's what happened. Austin's love for and obligation to Will has finally come between us.
Mike: Finally? What's been going on for the last two years?
Carrie: I just can't imagine life without him.
Mike: That's because you never HAD a life with him.
Carrie: Yeah, but . . .
Mike: You'll find a man who treats you like you deserve. Maybe even in this room.
Doctor: (aside) Mike, you're in love with Carrie.
Mike: But she doesn't love me.
Doctor. I heard she loves Austin. He's such a jerk.
Mike: You can figure out he's a jerk in an hour. Carrie takes five years.
Doctor: That's why I'm the doctor.

MEANWHILE, Sami is planning her wedding.
Lucas: I think you look beautiful.
Sami: So why don't YOU marry me?
Eric: (to phone) Carrie? Carrie? Dial tone.
Lucas: He knows a dial tone! The smartest Brady yet!
Eric: Sami, what's going on?
Sami: Nothing. You're crazy.
Eric: That's why I came back to Salem. I'll find out what you're doing myself. But since I am a Brady, that could take years.

End of Show
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