August 18, 1997

Hi everybody! Guess what? I saw Rent yesterday! A quick comparison: Rent is good. Days is bad. Actually, Rent is really good. Days is really bad. Rent is amazing. Days is, well, like this.

John and Marlena are talking.
Marlena: I'm scared.
John: Don't worry. Abe and I did everything ourselves.
Marlena: That's why I'm worried. I'll check on Roman. (dials phone)
Austin: (on phone) Di . . . Mera . . . residence.
Marlena: (on phone) Austin? What are you doing there?
Austin: (on phone) Attempting . . . to . . . act.
Marlena: (on phone) Keep trying. Bye.
Austin: Sami, . . . will . . . you . . . move . . . in . . . with . . . me?
Sami: No, that would be living in sin.
Austin: Don't . . . you . . . want . . . to . . . fit . . . in . . . with . .. the . . . rest . . . of . . . Salem?
Sami: No.
Kate: Austin-
Austin: I . . . need . . . time . . . to . . . think.
Kate: Be careful, Baby. First-time thinkers tend to overdo it.
Sami: Kate, help me get Austin to marry me.
Kate: I'd rather die. After all, blackmail is forever. Death is temporary. Who around here hasn't been dead a few times?

OVERVOICE: We will return for the second half of Days of Our Lives in just a moment.

Announcer: Do you want shinier, stronger hair? Well, you could buy Pantene. Or you could get a wig made out of copper wire. Strong, shiny, and a pretty color, too.

Announcer2: Your table knows a lot about you. It knows that your television habits are really bad. It wants you to use Pledge, so it won't be dull and lifeless, like your soap.

Announcer3: Tomorrow, the Queen of Mean finally gets her man. And God help him. Although an acting coach would be more practical.

MEANWHILE, Jack is going off to prison.
Jack: I'm going to prison for life.
Jennifer: Is that your whole life, or just until you die and come back?
Laura: Either way, it's awful. Kristen and Stefano lied. Who could have expected THAT?
Franco: Jenny-fair, eef hue'hever nee' my elp, hue har welcome to eet. I canbrea up caaples, and kill pee-ple, and beat women like Jeel, and nah geh caugh.
Jack: Could you help her find another man?
Jennifer: I'm never gonna love anyone but you. And Frankie and Peter and Emilio and maybe Trent. And I'm not making any promises about next week.
Abby: Daddy, I lost another tooth. Now that they've all rotted out, can I eat something besides cookies?
Jack: I'm sorry, Sweetheart. But no.

MEANWHILE, Mike and Carrie are trapped.
Mike: Carrie, you need a hospital and a doctor. Wait a second! I'm the only doctor in the world. So I guess you're stuck.

End of Show
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