August 12, 1997

Okay, I went through a lot yesterday to figure out that it was Monday. So that would make today Tuesday, and this Tuesday's Synopsis. If you do not belong in Tuesday's Synopsis, please exit now.

Hope, Franco, Jack, Jennifer, and Laura are celebrating Stefano's capture.
Franco: Ih was niz of'hue to invie us.
Hope: We didn't know you two still lived in Salem. Now, what do you want? I have to get back to feeling sorry for myself.
Jennifer: Stefano is in jail, so Jack can be free.
Franco: Wha makes hue think Ste-fahno will tell tha truth?
Hope: Franco has a point.
Jack: A point! Quick, expel him from Salem.
Laura: John will beat Stefano.
Jennifer: Oh, no, she's delusional again.
Abby: Daddy! Mommy!
Jack/Jen: We have a kid?
Hope: Don't worry. You can stick her in the Brady Pub tomorrow, and you’ll never hear from her again.

MEANWHILE, John is interrogating Stefano.
John: Stefano, you're going to give us the truth, and that's a fact.
Stefano: No, I'm not. But why don't you show me that I've gotten to you, and break some chairs? That might make me talk.
John: Is Peter alive?
Stefano: Everyone saw Peter in the coffin. He was pronounced dead. These are facts.
John: Sami and Eric should be about 13, and that's a fact. Roman used to be called "Chris" and that's a fact.
Stefano: So get a clue. Or better for me, don't.

OVERVOICE: We will return for the second half of Days of Our Lives in just a moment.

Voice: The taste of Wrigley's Winterfresh gum lasts and lasts. It's almost like watching Days.

Another Voice: Italians make the best shoes, but Americans make the best corn pads. Paid for by People for more Ex-Americans in Italy.

MEANWHILE, Kate and company are at the Kiriakis Mansion.
Kate: Will has Lucas's eyes. I didn't notice before because I never look at Lucas except to yell at him. Not that I play favorites between my sons. And he sucks his thumb. Austin never sucked his thumb.
Lucas: Only because he couldn't figure out how.
Austin: (arriving) I came to see my son.
Sami: I'm so ashamed of myself, Austin. Almost as ashamed as Peter is dead.
Kate: I have nothing to be ashamed of.
Sami: You're Franco's boss.
Kate: Like anyone cares about that by now.
Lucas: But didn't he once get a call while you two were in the same room?
Kate: Talk to John about facts.

MEANWHILE, Mike is off with Carrie.
Carrie: This is beautiful.
Mike: So are you.
Carrie: What?
Mike: This is a great time for you to get hard of hearing.
Carrie: I'm just not used to hearing speaking instead of uhhing. Oh, this song reminds me of Austin.
Mike: This song, too?
Carrie: Well, listening to the music beat listening to him.

End of Show
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