August 8, 1998

"Charlie" Reilly is a very bad man. "Charlie" Reilly is a very bad man. "Charlie" Reilly is a very bad man. "Charlie"
Reilly writes soaps like this.

Lucas is driving Austin home.
Lucas: Austin, are you okay?
Austin: Yeah . . . I . . . just . . . lost . . . my . . . girlfriend . . . and. . . my . . . son . . . but . . . I'm . . . fine. I'm . . . not . . . drunk.
Lucas: Yeah. You're not like Curtis. Curtis, Curtis, Curtis. How many more times can I fit his name into a sentence without you knowing I'm manipulating you? Silly question. No limit. Here we are.
Austin: Mom? What . . . are . . . you . . . doing . . . here?
Kate: Sami was just telling me how I can't change the past, the same way she canít, say, be six years older than she should be.
Austin: Now . . . I'll . . . take . . . off . . . my . . . shirt . . . for .. .no . . .reason.
Sami: Now I can sneak out. Not that Austin would have noticed if I was right in front of his nose.
Kate: Austin, call Carrie. Leave a message every fifteen minutes.
Austin: I . . . only . . . have . . . ten . . . fingers.
Kate: Take off one shoe.

MEANWHILE, Mike and Carrie are at the conference.
Carrie: Anyway, I'm glad I'm more independent now. Once I couldn't move without Austin.
Mike: That was so he wouldn't get lost.
Carrie: Oh, right. Let's go to bed. (She falls asleep) No! NO!
Mike: Carrie! You were screaming in your sleep.
Carrie: I dreamed that Austin and I broke up. Then who would come running to take care of me every time I sneezed?

MEANWHILE, Roman's entourage is at the DiMera Mansion.
Eric: Mom, I can't believe this. I don't even remember Dad having the flu.
Marlena: Of course not. You were raised by John and your grandparents.
Eric: Yeah. I wish everyone's lives weren't so messed up.
Marlena: Well, it's like sands through the hourglass . . .
Kristen: (eavesdropping, to phone) Stefano, I'll come over soon.
John: (grabbing phone) Stefano, your days of freedom are numbered!
Stefano: Only a few million left.
Laura: (entering) Kristen, where are you going? To see Peter?
Kristen: You are so boring! You say the same thing over and over!
Laura: Well, this IS Days. So, Marlena, is it hard to live under the same roof as John and not express your feelings?
Marlena: There's another way you can live under the same roof as someone?
John: Come on, Abe, let's track Kristen.
Abe: Which is the gas and which is the brake again?
Stefano: Hello, Kristen. Were you followed?
Abe: You're under arrest!
John: Let me do the honors.
Abe: It's completely normal for a private citizen to handcuff a criminal while the police chief watches.
John: Umm . . .Abe?
Abe: What?
John: I handcuffed myself together.
Stefano: So long.

End of show
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