August 1, 1997

This one has to be quick. I have practically no time to write it, so it might not be the complete, accurate transcript that it usually is. Hey! Did I hear a snicker? Are you saying that Days isn't exactly like I say it is? Well, if that's what you think, watch it yourself. Better yet, don't, and drive the ratings down. (In case you can't tell, I watched today and it
kinda ticked me off. I'm still debating about how I should punish myself for not just writing it from the spoiler). Here's what happened . . .

Billie is trying to avoid another high. I realize that this storyline is in bad taste, but unless someone curling-irons Charlie, we're stuck with it.
Max: Ha ha. You're hooked.
Billie: This can't be. Maybe if I eat some food-
Max: This is a hotel. Do you really want to pay $800 for a bottle of nuts?
Billie: No. Bo wouldn't.
Max: That's because Bo couldn't figure out how to open the bottle.

MEANWHILE, Austin is waking up.
Austin: Carrie . . .uhhh . . . really . . .uhh . . .loves . . .uhhh . . . Mike. It . . .uhhh . . .wasn't . . .uhh . . . a . . uhhh . . .dream.
Sami: It wasn't a dream? On this show? Wow! I'll call the newspapers.
Eric: (entering) Good morning.
Austin: Hi. I'm . . .uhh . . .just . . .uhhh . . . going . . .uhhh . . .to . ..uhhh . . . get . . . uhhh . . . dressed.
Eric: Please do.
Sami: Remember, socks first, then shoes.
Austin: I . . .uhhh . . .don't . . .uhhh . . . know . . .uhh . . . how . . .uhh . . .you . . .uhhh . . .remember . . .uhhh . . . these . . .uhhh . . .things.
Sami: Where's Carrie?
Eric: She was invited to be with Dad when he gets un-bandaged. But we weren’t. I wonder why us twins are so screwed up.
Sami: Where are you going?
Eric: To pick up groceries for Carrie.
Sami: You HAVE been gone a long time. We don't eat in Salem.
Eric: I miss Colorado.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are also getting up, and getting ready to help Roman.
Marlena: Do you doubt that that's Roman?
John: I'm too dumb to doubt anything, remember?
Marlena: That's why I love you.
Carrie: (arriving) Marlena, what's wrong?
Marlena: There's a medical conference, but I can't go.
Carrie: Why don't I go?
Marlena: Because you aren't a doctor? You never even got through college? You have a job?
Carrie: I have a job?
Marlena: So I've heard.
Carrie: But I don't want to be around Eric. He might do something normal, like buy groceries.
Marlena: True. You better go.

End of show

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