July 31, 1997

Here is everything that happened on Days today, with the exception of Billie because no one wants to hear about that. Take a hint, Charlie.

Sami is confronted by her twin brother.
Eric: Sami, I can sense that you're up to something.
Sami: Who are you? Celeste?
Eric: Stefano got me plastic surgery. But none of my hats fit any more.
Austin: (entering) Uh . . . why . . . uhh . . . are . . . uhh . . . you . .. uhh . . . fighting?
Lucas: You know how brothers and sisters fight.
Austin: Uhh . . . Billie . . . uhh . . . and . . . uhh . . . I . . . uhhh . .. fought . . . uhh . . .about . . . uhh . . . dumb . . . uhhh . . . things.
Lucas: Everything sounds dumb when you say it.
Austin: I'll . . . uhh . . . .go . . .uhh . . .call . . . uhh . . . Bo. (to phone) Uhhh . . . Bo . . .uhh . . . can . . .uhh . . .I . . . uhh . . . help . . .uhh . . .you?
Bo: (from phone) Austin, I'm busy enough. I don't have time to teach you how to recognize your sister again.
Austin: (to phone) Uhhhh . . . okay. Uhhh . . . bye.
Eric: Carrie! I couldn't find anything out from Sami. And I wanted to help you before Dad dies.
Sami: (overhearing) My daddy's dying? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so moved that I think I'll go tell Will how I'm going to hold onto Austin.
Carrie: Let's all go home. Eric can stay with me. My roommateís gone.
Austin: Uhh . . . what . . . uhhh . . . roommate?
Carrie: The gorgeous guy I've been hiding from you and Sami. I'm so glad Iíve got Sami to take you off my hands. Clever, huh?
Marlena: Bye, kids. Eric, I'm so glad you're home. It's easier for me to remember my kids' names when I can see them. But don't take off your name tag just yet.
(They arrive at their apartments. )
Carrie: Eric, he's my father too! I hate it when Sami acts like she's his only child! He had two kids, little brother!
Eric: Uh-huh.
Carrie: You suddenly reminded me of Austin. I don't know why.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena have troubles of their own.
John: Kristen, get out of here. You've caused so many people so much pain.
Kristen: You devastated Roman and his children by sleeping with Marlena!
John: Not on purpose! You know how much trouble I have figuring out who Iím sleeping with! And that's a fact.
Marlena: Hi, John. I really hate lying to Roman. But I have to keep it up until the baby is born.
John: What baby?
Marlena: Whoops, wrong script. But everything else seems the same.
Roman: Doc?
Marlena: Yes, Roman?
Roman: Remember when we met? I was beer, you were champagne.
Marlena: Didn't Bo say that to Hope the other day?
Roman: All Brady men share the same brain.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is observing all.
Stefano: Soon John will have nothing. Except my daughter, but she doesnít count. I'm such a great father. Then there is my other beautiful daughter, Lexie. I love her so much I'll turn off her picture and drink something and talk to myself.

End of Show
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