July 29, 1997

Okay, I was very bad and watched today because I wanted to see Eric. As punishment, I promise to walk around reciting "Just say no to Charlie. Do not get in a car with Charlie. If Charlie offers me candy, I won't take it." For all of the people out there who are strong enough never to watch Days, this is what you missed.

Jack and Jennifer are in their yard.
Jennifer: Jack, Roman is home.
Jack: No one ever comes back from the dead.
Jennifer: Prison must have been hard on you if you've forgotten that death is only a temporary inconvenience.
Jack: So, what else do you know about Roman?
Jennifer: Not much, but I'll tell you what I do know since we don't seem to have a plot of our own.

MEANWHILE, Kristen and Stefano are talking.
Stefano: See? I stopped the wedding.
Kristen: Like a dying man will keep from Marlena jumping in the sack with John.
Stefano: Sort of like how when Tony was dying you jumped in the sack with John.
Kristen: At least I don't play that stupid game (chess) all the time.
Stefano: I need a challenge, and I'm sure not getting one from John.

MEANWHILE, John has discovered Eric.
John: Why were you in the bushes?
Eric: It's possible to go somewhere without spying on someone?
John: You can take the boy out of Salem but you can't take Salem out of the boy.
Eric: Thanks. Are you hiding something from me?
John: Maybe you can take Salem out of the boy. Yes, your father is back, but hes dying.
Eric: Can't we get him antibiotics?
John: Antibiotics. That's a big word for a Brady.
Eric: I know. But I want to see my father and my sisters.

MEANWHILE, Carrie and Mike are talking.
Carrie: Sami thinks you're the right man for me.
Mike: Further proof that Sami is the smart one.
Carrie: I just don't want to hurt Austin. After all, he would never, ever hurt ME. Look at Sami and Lucas. They used to scheme together, but I know Lucas is completely reformed now, because he said so and he would never lie.
Sami: Eric would know what I'm doing. But he didn't come home when Belle was born or when Mom and Dad divorced or when I was raped or when I ran away or when Will was born or when Carrie was engaged or when Mom was possessed or when Mom was kidnapped or when Mom married John or when I almost died last winter or when John was
on death row, so he won't come home now.
Lucas: What kind of a brother is this guy?
Sami: A great brother. He's never around to tell me to grow up.
Lucas: Guess what? He's here.
Sami: And on the only day I've mentioned him in years. What a shock.

MEANWHILE, John has gone upstairs and found Kristen.
John: Hi, Sweethear- wait, that was last week. Go away.
Kristen: This is my house.
John: Well, don't try to seduce me.
Kristen: Who would want to?

MEANWHILE, Austin is outside.
Austin: Uh look uh at uh these uh papers. Uh maybe uh they're uh annulment uh papers uh but uh I uh wouldn't uh know uh because uh I uh can't uh read.
Sami: (arriving) Why are you out here by yourself? You know that isn't safe. Next thing you know, you'll be trying to cross streets without holding someone's hand.
Austin: Uh I uh have uh something uh to uh tell uh you.
Sami: What?
Austin: Uh I uh forgot.

End of show

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