July 24, 1997

Okay, what is this? Why have so many people been sending me nice posts and e-mail? (Well, there was that one exceptionally RUDE :-) person who said, in three-inch letters "NOW GET YOUR ASS TO WORK ON THE NEXT SYNOPSIS!") I know! You're all working for Charlie! You want me to watch again! Well, I won't! (Just received a citation for excessive use of exclamation points.) Here's what happened today, written with the spoiler.

Sami and Austin are on the way to see Roman with Will.
Sami: Austin, I love my daddy.
Will: Calling him "Daddy" isn't cute when you're much older than I am.
Sami: I have to use words YOUR daddy will understand.
Austin: Uh duh uh um uh yeah um duh uh.
Sami: So let's go see Daddy. Mom and John will feel guilty, and Will might be traumatized. A twofer!
Austin: Uh . . .look . . . uh . . . it's . . . uh . . . Roman.
Sami: Daddy, Austin is my husband.
Roman: I had hoped he would end up with Carrie.
Sami: No, you didn't. You thought he was a punk and you didn't want him near your family.
Roman: I was a completely different person then. You just can't tell because of these bandages. Clever, huh?
Sami: Anyway, Carrie is with Mike. Remember how she used to be obsessed with him? Aren't you glad I'm not the type to be obsessed with someone?
Roman: You're a good daughter.
Sami: I know you're at death's door and all, but will you do me a favor?
Roman: Austin, see how evil my daughter is?
Austin: Uhhh . . . Sami . . . uhhh . . . is . . .uh . . . just . . uhhh . . is . . .uh-misun-uh-misunder-uh-misunderstood.I'll . . . uhh . . . go . . . uhh . . . answer . . . uhh . . .the . . .uhh . .door.
man: Here are annulment papers.
Austin: Uhhhh . . .
man: Just sign them.
Austin: Uhhh . . . sign?

MEANWHILE, Mike and Carrie are also concerned about Roman.
Carrie: I wish Austin was here to hold me while I have flashbacks. Or at least someone. Oh, Mike, you're so wonderful, but I can't be with you until you rescue me from a bed that someone chained me to.
Mike: You and your dad had a good relationship?
Carrie: Yeah, he was always there for me. Except when he was dead for years at a time. And the time he abandoned his kids because his wife cheated on him. What a great dad!
Lucas: (spying) Oh, no, Carrie is forgetting me. She's supposed to love me. She's told me no repeatedly, but that doesn’t mean anything. (entering) Carrie, do you want anything?
Carrie: A glass of water.
Lucas: Maybe I should dump it over their heads. Better yet, over John and Marlena.

MEANWHILE, John overhears Marlena telling Roman she loves him.
John: This is awful.
Kristen: Hee hee hee.
Marlena: Kristen, don't eavesdrop.
Kristen: What was John doing?
Marlena: It's diffewent 'cuz it's my sweet widdle bunny-duck Johnie. Anyway, I don't think it's Roman.
John: Shane says it is.
Marlena: So Shane is incompetent, too?
John: He is from Salem. But let's go to the hospital and see the test results. They do, and a nurse hands them some
Marlena: Oh my God . . .
John: What?
Marlena: I'm supposed to work here.
John: I never would have guessed.

End of Show
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