July 22, 1997

Since I didn't watch, I don't know what happened today. I didn't even read Dustin's daily spoiler. But let's see if I can guess . . .

Billie is chained to a bed while Max watches over her.
Billie: Max, let me go. I'll make sure you don't go to jail.
Max: What a stupid plan. I don't go to jail this way, either.
Billie: Hey, I'm from Salem. What do you expect?
Max: Don't worry. All I'm going to do is get you hooked on drugs.
Billie: But I hated my life when I was a druggie. After I got clean, I had ruined weddings, people coming back from the dead, a repeatedly broken heart, a brother who was cute and smart one day and dumb and annoying the next, a mother who went from calling me a tramp to trying to turn me into one, and so much more.
Max: Tough. You're getting the drugs.

MEANWHILE, Hope and Franco are waiting for the wedding.
Hope: I'm going to talk to Bo.
Franco: Ope, no. If you goan talk'oo Bo, 'e mie explain the situation. This pla'wou end.
Hope: I'm going to see him anyway. I have to see him alone, so come with me.
Franco: Ope, you'har my frien, and I don wan Bo to urt you.
Hope: Franco, you're right. It's a good thing you're here, because you know women are incapable of thinking for themselves.

MEANWHILE, Jack and Jennifer are at home.
Abby: Daddy, I love you. But I can't look at you because I'm too busy staring at something or other offstage.
Jack: That's nice, Abby. Go have some tea and cookies.
Abby: When I grow up, can I have something besides tea and cookies?
Jack: No. We just cut out the cookies and add more tea.
Jennifer: Guess what, Jack? I don't love you.
Jack: I don't love you, either.
Jennifer: Why not?
Jack: Because we can be together, and in Salem, happy couples are against the law. But there might be a new precedent soon.
Jennifer: Precedent?
Jack: Hopefully, if the rest of us say it often enough, Austin will learn how.

MEANWHILE, Roman's return has caused trouble.
Marlena: Oh, my sweet Roman has come back. It can't be true. People don't come back from the dead.
Kristen: Roman, guess what? John is with me, Carrie is with Mike, and Austin is with Sami.
All: I guess we'll have to pretend. What a novel idea.

End of Show

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