July 21, 1997

I'm not sure I should dignify today's show with a parody . . . wait, yes I am. Here's what happened.

Billie, in a very original plot idea, is chained to a bed in Arem- I mean Rome. Silly me.
Billie: What would Bo do in this situation? Hey, I know. He would have fake flashbacks. (pauses) Well, that didn't get me out of here. Oh, Bo . . .
Max: (entering) "Hobo?" Billie, I know that Bo doesn't wash his hair very often, but you don't have to call him a hobo. By the way, we're going to get you hooked on drugs again.
Billie: You can't. The person that existed back then doesn't exist any more.
Max: Why not?
Billie: She got a job on Melrose Place.

MEANWHILE, Kate and Bo are talking in the garden while they await the wedding.
Bo: I'm sorry I hurt you daughter, but I was always honest about my feelings for Hope.
Kate: Except for all those times you told her Hope was your past and she was your future.
Bo: Well, except for those times. Anyway, she seemed fine when I left her.
Kate: Maybe she was acting.
Bo: On this show? What are the odds of that?
Kate: Still, my mother's intuition tells me something is wrong.
Bo: Where was that intuition when Curtis was molesting her and drugging her every day?
Kate: Ummm . . . hi, Austin.
Austin: Uhh . . .
Kate: Always remember that I would do anything for you and Carrie. Unless of course it would mean inconveniencing me.
Austin: Uhhh . . .

MEANWHILE, Hope, Franco, and Laura are talking inside the church.
Hope: Where did Jack and Jennifer go?
Laura: They went home. Abby felt sick.
Hope: I didn't know you could skip a social event to take care of your child.
Laura: I guess you can. Excuse me. I'm going to go see Marlena.
Franco: Ope, whar you thinking abou?
Hope: I'm a Horton by birth and a Brady by marriage. I don't think.
Franco: But hue'wan to talk to Bo.
Hope: Yes, there may have been a misunderstanding.
Franco: Don goan see Bo.
Hope: You are such a good friend.
Laura: (interrupting everybody) There is a problem. Kristen is in the brideroom.
Lexie: Maybe we should take the kids to the basement.
Laura: That makes no sense. They're the only mature ones.

MEANWHILE, Kristen is indeed in the brideroom, with Roman in tow.
Marlena: I don't think that's him.
Roman: It's me, Doc. It's Roman.
Marlena: Get rid of him. I don't need another person calling me "Doc."
Carrie: And I don't need another person calling me "Punkin."
Marlena: Carrie, do you think that this is your father?
Carrie: Maybe. I've been having flashbacks about him. It was really weird- it was years ago, but my hair was exactly like it is today, and I got done specially for the wedding.
Laura: (entering) Remember, Stefano has faked deaths millions of times. That proves he didn't fake Roman's.

End of Show

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