July 18, 1997

Sami and Lucas are in Austin's apartment.
Lucas: Sami, your hair looks beautiful. Maybe I should hook up with you instead of a always chasing a woman I can't have.
Sami: But that would be too easy.
Kate: (entering) There's my Will!
Sami: Kate, get your own baby.
Kate: I forget where I put him. I'll have to check the closet.
Sami: Speaking of closets, don't forget that I'm blackmailing you.
Kate: You don't have to remind me. I imagine the viewers are getting pretty sick of hearing about it, too. But you won't get Austin.
Sami: I deserve Austin.
Kate: No matter how evil you are, you don't deserve a punishment as severe as living with Austin. I'm pretty sure he counts as "cruel and unusual punishment".

MEANWHILE, Franco is arriving to see Hope.
Franco: Ope, I'brau you some flaa-wers.
Hope: Franco, I'm so depressed I won't go down the street for the wedding of two people I have known for years. I have
men bringing me flowers and friends who want to see me and a son who needs me. I'm so jealous of that Billie. She gets to be chained to a bed.
Franco: But Ope, you'har wearing my madder's ring.
Hope: I'm so glad that you have no motive whatsoever because I never lead men on.

MEANWHILE, Marlena and her friends are preparing for the wedding.
Carrie: I wonder if Austin and I will ever get married. Not that I even CARE after all this time, but I wonder.
Marlena: Maybe you'll get good news from Mickey.
Carrie: The best news would be an annulment, so I wouldn't have to put up with Austin anymore.
Marlena: Don't you want to spend more time with Austin?
Carrie: Why would I? Oh, but you're right, I do. Only Sami is keeping us apart.
Marlena: My sweet Sami-girl. I hate sweet, wonderful Sami who is ruining Carrieís life. She didn't go bad until I had that affair, but I know it couldn't be my fault because I'm so perfect.
Laura: (arriving) Marlena, thank you for letting me stay here. Just how big IS this place anyway? I didn't want to infringe on my daughter's life. And even though I'm an adult, and a doctor, I'm not getting my own place. And I know you're too sensitive to ask-
Marlena: I'm not too sensitive for anything.
Laura: I'm still in love with Jack. Hey, look, it's Susan.
Susan: Elvis and I are looking forward to the wedding.
Carrie: I would love to meet that baby's father. This is Salem, so there's no chance that I already know him.
Marlena: Of course not.
Carrie: Isn't it strange how Elvis's own mother takes care of him? Belle and Brady are so much better off with their nanny.
Marlena: Yeah. If I had to waste time raising them, I couldn't constantly poke my nose into your life.
Laura: Well, let's get to the wedding.
They do. Most of Salem is there.
Jennifer: Abby, look at Belle. She's the flower girl.
Abby: Iwannabeaflowergirl.
Jack: Maybe some day. We'll just forget about the half-dozen weddings you were the flower girl in.
Abby: But they were weird weddings.
Jack: Don't worry, this one will be, too.
Susan: Marlena, you look beautiful. I looked beautiful when I got married.
Marlena: Who did you marry?
Susan: John.
Marlena: Of course. Who hasn't?
Kristen: (entering) Me, of course. I brought you a present.
Marlena: Thank you! I haven't seen Chris for years.
Kristen: It's not Chris, it's Roman.
Marlena: It can't be Roman. He's dead, just like Stefano and Peter and John and me and Rachel and-
Kristen: It is ROMAN, okay?
Marlena: Have it your way.

End of Show
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