July 16, 1997

Jennifer is talking to Trent/Travis.
Trent: I just wanted to check on the alarm system.
Jennifer: I don't need it. Jack can protect me. Once he protected me so well that we got locked in a bank vault. Another time I fell off a cliff.
Trent: Weren't you, like, completely different people then?
Jennifer: Yeah, but people who watch soap operas would never notice. Anyway, Jack will be out of prison soon.
Trent: Didn't he find a man for you on the internet?
Jennifer: He tried, but whenever he signed on he got these messages about the AOL Visa card and premium games, and a lot of junk e-mail. So he gave it up. Hey, how did you know about that? I know! You're both Trent and Travis!
Trent: What? You guessed?
Jennifer: Who does he think he's dealing with? John Black?

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Kristen are arguing.
Kristen: Thank you for stopping the wedding.
Stefano: I'm only doing this for me, not you.
Kristen: This should surprise me? Anyway, nothing was my fault. Susan is an idiot.
Stefano: That's why you couldn't outsmart her.
Kristen: I guess John rubbed off on me.

MEANWHILE, Vivian and Ivan are at the station with Abe and John.
Abe: I'm a cop, but I've decided that for helping to put away a criminal mastermind, you'll have to admit your marriage
is fake. That's what the police is for.
Vivian: No wonder you never catch anyone.
John: We'll get Stefano this time.
Vivian: Somehow I doubt it.

MEANWHILE, Sami and Austin are waking up.
Sami: Austin, I'd hoped to find you in bed with me this morning.
Austin: The thing is, you repulse me.
Sami: So?
Austin: Come to think of it- no, I have a meeting.
Sami: Let's go together. Lots of wives go to meetings at their husbands offices that don't concern them. I'll leave Will with Wendy.
Austin: Why don't we see Wendy anymore?
Sami: Maybe Stefano got her. Let's go.
(They arrive at Titan, where most of Salem is planning the wedding.)
Carrie: Kate, I'm so happy things will work out for Austin and me.
Kate: Why? You could have Mike.
Carrie: It doesn't make sense, does it? I guess my barrettes are on too tight. But I'm glad you're helping me. You'd do anything for us.
Kate: As long as it's convenient. Anyway, Austin will see through Sami. He's smart. (Carrie falls on the ground laughing, so Kate goes to see Marlena.)
Kate: You're letting Susan and Elvis stay with you?
Marlena: I let you and Philip stay with me. They're a step up. Anyway, I'm being generous because Roman was so generous. It's a miracle.
Kate: That this plot is ending?
Marlena: No, our love. My sweet John . . .
Sami: Gag me.
Lucas: Be careful. Austin or Marlena could find you out.
Sami: Yes, but it wouldn't be a big deal, what with Hell having frozen over and all. (to Marlena) I just want you and John to feel like Austin and me. Preferably more like Austin. Hee, hee, hee.

End of Show
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