July 14, 1997

Billie is in Rome.
Max: Hey, Billie, get over here. We have unfinished business.
Billie: I don't know what you're talking about.
Max: Typical Salemite. Come on.
Billie: Don't hurt me. Bo will get you.
Max: Bo doesn't love you. There's no one to save you. And you can't save yourself, what with you being a woman and all.
Billie: I wish someone besides Charlie wrote these scripts.

MEANWHILE, most of Salem is at John and Marlena's party.
Kristen: Stop the party!
Lexie: Let's go get some air, Kristen.
Kristen: I don't need air.
Lexie: Don't need air? Next you'll be saying you don't need tea.
Kristen: Just get John, okay?
John: I'm here, Kristen. And that's a fact.
Kristen: John, you love me.
John: Is that a fact?
Kristen: Either a fact or a dream sequence. I love you. Don't you get that?
John: Well . . .
Kristen: Sorry, forgot who I was dealing with. John! I'll throw myself off a ledge if you won’t love me.
John: Maybe Laura or Marlena can talk her down. If I was out of my mind, I'd sure want to seethe two people I hate most in the world. And that's a fact.
Laura: Here I am, John. Kristen, you are pathetic. That's just the thing to say to someone on a ledge. Kristen, no one even pities you.
Sami: Except me.
Lucas: Now why could that be? Surely not because you're just like her.
Sami: I am NOT just like her. The same exact thing doesn't happen to two different groups of people in different generations in the same family. The days of my life would be boring if that happened.
Lucas: At least your mom is safe now. Abe and John are such great cops. Just look at them. . .
Abe: John, get that waiter to give us some champagne.
John: Hey, waiter?
Stefano: Yes?
John: Give me some champagne.
Stefano: Here. Hey, remind me to tell you about my underground birdcage and this guy named the pawn and these Parisian underground mutants and my house in New Orleans and my vendetta against the Bradys and-
John: Stop talking about things that don't concern me. I have to search for DiMera.
Stefano: Bye.
John: Only two more days, Doc.
Doc: And what is that in regular time?
John: Seventeen years.
Doc: I was afraid of that.

End of Show
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