July 11, 1997

Well, the best part of Days today was a test of the emergency broadcasting system. What? That wasn’t part of Days? Oh, I guess there weren't any good parts, then. But this is what happened.

Sami and Austin are at home.
Austin: (to Will) Old uh King uh Cole uh was uh a uh-
Will: I like it better when Uncle Lucas reads to me.
Austin: So uh do uh I. This uh book uh is uh so uh hard uh to uh understand.
Lucas: (entering) Hi Austin, Sami, and Will. Will, I brought you a dinosaur.
Austin: Lucas uh is uh so uh nice uh now uh that uh he uh has uh no uh ulterior uh motives uh ever. Now uh I uh need uh to uh uh uh uh uh uh leave.
Sami: Lucas, leave Will alone.
Lucas: No. I love him. What's wrong with you? You're hiding something. Whoa! A man from Salem figuring something out on his own. Bizarre.
Sami: Go away, Lucas.
Lucas: What did I ever do to you?
Sami: If you only knew.
Lucas: You know that Marlena will know that you're faking amnesia. She knows you so well.
Sami: She really does. She is so smart she knew when I was bulimic- no, scratch that. She found me when I ran away- wait, that was Vivian. She helped me when I was in labor- wait, she was in Aremid then. How is she supposed to know me so well again?

MEANWHILE, Billie is on the phone with Kate.
Kate: So your marriage is fake. Strange. That never happened to Victor, or your brother.
Billie: Anyway, I'm staying in Rome.
Kate: No, Baby, come home.
Billie: I am an adult. What about your real baby, Philip?
Kate: Phil-who?
Billie: Never mind.

MEANWHILE, Bo is talking to Alice and Maggie at the Horton Center.
Bo: Hope won't talk to me?
Maggie: No. And you can't get back together if you don't talk.
Bo: Victor doesn't say anything, and he's doing okay.
Maggie: No, he isn't. He got fired.
Alice: That's what you get for learning to act.
Bo: Remember, I love Hope with all my heart. That's why I jumped into bed with Billie.
Everyone arrives at John and Marlena's engagement party.
Lexie: Abe, will Stefano try to kidnap Marlena?
Abe: Gee, no. He never has before. Hey, there's Carrie.
Carrie: Hi everyone.
Lexie: How is everything?
Carrie: Austin's mad that I'm spending time with Mike. He loves me so much he doesn't want me to have a life. Boy, true love is great.
Mike: Carrie, your barrettes look beautiful.
Carrie: I bought them for Austin. They reflect his mental age.
John: I have an announcement to make. I'm marrying Marlena.
Kristen: (hiding) HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: Kristen?
Kristen: Yippee! I'm not stuck with John any more.

End of Show

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