July 10, 1997

Yes, I'm back after going two days without Days. SOMEHOW I managed to catch up on all that I missed. I didn’t miss it today, but if you did, here's what happened.

John, Marlena, Belle, and Brady are getting up at the penthouse.
John: Doc, it's great that the children are here so we can be a family
Marlena: Nothing is more important than my children.
Brady: Will you take us to the park?
John: Outta my way kid, I've gotta get Doc into bed again.
Belle: Can we have breakfast?
Marlena: I just fed you last month. Be quiet.
John: Chelsea! Get these kids out of here! (to Marlena) I'd do anything for my children.
Marlena: I know you would, John. Hey, it's Abe and Lexie! Hi!
Abe/Lexie: Hello.
John: I finally figured something out.
Abe: (after a stunned silence) What did you figure out?
John: I forget.
Abe: Oh well.
John: Hey, will you stand up for me again if I figure out who it is I'm marrying this time? I know it's a long shot, but-
Abe: Sure I will, John. Now, let's send Lexie and Marlena to the spa.
Lexie, Marlena, Carrie and some other friends are at the spa.
Carrie: Sami is walking.
Marlena: Sami?
Carrie: Your daughter.
Marlena: That's right. I'm glad she's walking.
Carrie: You do know she's evil . . .
Marlena: Huh?
Carrie: Never mind.
Lexie: Speaking of evil, I'm worried about my obsession with Stefano.
Marlena: Monsters are easier than people for Charlie to write abou- I mean, they're interesting.
Carrie: Say, isn't that Stefano?
Marlena: Stefano doesn't have long hair.
Stefano: Lexie, help me kidnap Marlena.
Lexie: I hate you so much, and I'm afraid of you, so I'll stand here for ten minutes to talk to you.
Stefano: Good idea.
Lexie: Whoops. Changed my mind. HELP!
Mike: (entering) Carrie, are you okay? I was worried.
Carrie: I think I'll wait for Austin for another five or ten years. After all, I probably won't find an adorable doctor who’ll come running every time he thinks something might hurt me.
Mike: Nope, probably not.
Laura: (to herself) I think Mike likes Carrie. So I'll slander Austin every chance I get to keep him away from Carrie. Wasn’t it great of me to bring down that schemer Kristen?

MEANWHILE, Jennifer and Abby are going to see Jack.
Jenn: I'm getting an alarm system put in.
Jack: Be careful. My old cellmate was a con-artist alarm system installer. And Stefano always has a hand in these things.
Jenn: Naw, that wouldn't happen to US!
Jack: Besides, Stefano is dead.
Abby: I love you Daddy. That's why I'm not even looking at you.
Jenn: Don't talk like that, Abby, or I'll hand you over to Chelsea.
Abby: Sorry.

MEANWHILE, in another jail, Vivian, Ivan, and Kristen are in trouble.
Kristen: Don't talk, Vivian. Stefano will save us.
Vivian: You're crazier than Laura.
Kristen: In Salem, who isn't? Anyway, you should have known it was Susan and not me who married John.
Vivian: Even John didn't know.
Kristen: EVEN John?
Vivian: You're right. That makes no sense.
Ivan: Madame, don't forget me.
Vivian: I won't. I wouldn't want to end up acting against Duh-Boy.

End of Show
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