July 7, 1997

After four days off, Days made up for lost time with an episode that was really gre- no, that's not the word. Days was on today. That describes the situation. Here's what happened.

Austin, Mike, Lucas, and Carrie are looking for Sami.
Carrie: Well, this proves Sami is up to her old evil tricks.
Austin: No, I would know if Sami was evil again.
Carrie: You don't even know the alphabet.
Austin: It doesn't matter. All I want is to be with you. That's why I'm married to your sister.
Mike: This is irrelevant. Unless she used an alias, Sami isn't here.
Austin: Sami would never do anything as deceitful as using an alias. Besides, she would be recognized.
Lucas: Not if she wore a hat.

MEANWHILE, Hope and Franco are chasing Bo and Billie.
Hope: Franco, I was on the verge of entering a relationship with you after I spent months whining about how Bo didn't love me. But I didn't mean any of it, because I ALWAYS knew Bo loved me. Hey! Stop crying! Be happy for me, you jerk.
Franco: Yes, Hope. But I bet Bo's in bed with Billie right now.
Hope: Franco, you're such a good friend. Bo was wrong about you wanting to break us up.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are in bed.
John: Marlena, I was a fool.
Marlena: No, you were a loving, trusting, devoted fool.
John: Even though I was a fool, you have to sleep with me. It would make Roman happy.
Marlena: Remember how happy it made him last time?
John: Most days I don't even remember my own name. Let's take a bath.
Marlena: Is this heaven?
John: No, it's Iowa. Look at the dead people coming back to life in the baseball cornfield. Yikes, what if Roman comes back?
Marlena: Don't worry. you're my knight in shining armor. Want to get out of the bath?
John: No. My armor rusted and I can't move. Say, since I'm stuck here anyway, will you marry me?
Marlena: Hell no, you pig!
Charlie: (off camera) Deidre, what did I tell you about that?
Marlena: Oops. I mean, of course I'll marry you, my sweet John. Gasp. Gasp. Gasp.

End of Show

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