July 2, 1997

I think I watched Days today, but I'm not sure. The show I watched seemed to be wrapping up several plots. You're right. That couldn't possibly be Days. But whatever I watched, here's what happened.

Sami is sneaking around the hospital.
nurse: Sami! Wait!
Sami: I have to hide. So I'll just bang some lockers around and talk to myself as loud as I can. I guess a hat can't disguise me. No fair! It works for Stefano!
nurse: Mike, I just saw Sami walking down the hall.
Mike: Sami? She can't walk. But I'll call Carrie. (dials) Hey, Carrie, I think Sami's running around the hospital.
Carrie: I'm not surprised. All I want is to be with Austin, but she keeps getting in the way. Sorry for sounding like a broken record.
Mike: I hadn't noticed. We do live in Salem, after all.
Carrie: Well, I'll go see if Sami is next door. (goes next door) Austin, is Sami here?
Austin: Of course.
Carrie: Sorry I woke you.
Austin: I wasn't asleep. I was just having flashbacks. Maybe I should go to the hospital and get that checked out.
Lucas: Yeah, I hear there's a flashback epidemic going around. But I'm sure Sami isn't running around the hospital.
Carrie: I'm glad you aren't scheming anymore. You're such a good friend. I would know if you were still scheming, because I'm smart enough to be an executive at Titan.

MEANWHILE, Franco is finally getting somewhere with Hope.
Hope: Franco, you are a great man. Except for killing that guy, and sneaking into the morgue with those contacts, and nearly killing Jill, and paying Jill to leave town and all.
Franco: Ope, you will love me someday. Wouldn't you rather be called "Ope" than "Fancy Face?"
Hope: Yes, but my memories of Bo are so strong.
Abe: (entering) Hope, Bo was undercover. He loves you.
Hope: I knew it!
Franco: Then why were you moping and trying to move on with me?
Hope: No reason. But you can come to Rome with me and watch me make out with Bo.

MEANWHILE, Billie and Bo are in Rome.
Billie: I've told you this a million times, and you always humiliate me, but I love you, Bo.
Bo: I don't love you at all. You almost had everything, but then Hope came back. He he he. Why do you look sad? I don't want to leave you sad, just because I've broken your heart (not to mention Hope's) dozens of times. What can I do?
Billie: Make love to me. I know you don't love me, but what would your (adoptive) brother John say if you turned down SEX?
Bo: I guess I'll have to do it, then.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are talking.
Marlena: I've been waiting so long for this.
John: But I thought you just wanted friendship.
Marlena: I let you think that.
John: That was rude of you.
Marlena: But I heard you in the church.
John: Eavesdropping is not a very nice thing to do.
Marlena: Hey, you can't even tell who you are in bed with. You never told Kristen she was your second choice. You're a jerk, too.
John: We DO deserve each other. But what happened to Kristen?
Marlena: It started when she hid that letter. She was so clever no one knew.
John: How clever do you have to be to outsmart me?
Marlena: At least you honor God's laws.
John: Yeah. I believe in marriage.
Marlena: The fact that all your kids are illegitimate-
John: Details, details.
Marlena: Well, I just got out of that secret room and your whole world just collapsed and there are at least seven people in my apartment, but-
John: Let's go.

End of Show
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