June 18, 1997

I didn't watch today (more like I'm not planning to watch because it hasn't come on yet). I figured I could write about this show without knowing anything about it. Lord knows Charlie does. At least I used Dustin's page. Hooray for Dustin!

Jennifer is talking to Trent/Travis.
Jennifer: Here's that drill you wanted. Say, wanna hear my life story?
Trent: Sure.
Jennifer: I was in love with Jack, back when we could both act, and then he left so I fell in love with Peter. Now Peter's dead, and he MUST be dead because DiMeras never come back from the dead. There's no chance he could be hiring people like, say, you, to spy on me. I'm a reporter. I'm too smart for that.
Trent: That's nice. Want to see my underground bird cage?
Jennifer: Maybe later. Bye.
Trent: Bye. (on cell phone) Hi, Jack.
Jack: Hi. Hey, how are you calling me from prison?
Trent: My new jail issues cell phones.
Jack: Oh. Hey, why are there animals in the background?
Trent: My new jail sponsors trips to the zoo.
Jack: Oh. But now it sounds like you're on the pier.
Trent: My new jail lets me.
Jack: Oh. I would know if you were lying, because I'm such a great reporter.
Trent: I know. Remember to dump Jennifer.
Jack: Okay.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Billie are on their honeymoon.
Bo: Billie, I love Hope so much. Imagine loving someone and just being tantalized, not being able to really be with them.
Billie: I'll try.
Bo: You're nice. Not as nice as Hope, of course.
Billie: Of course.
Franco: Ope, I can make you happy.
Hope: No, you can't. And stop calling me "Ope."

MEANWHILE, everyone is waiting for Stefano.
Abe: Let's catch Stefano.
John: Okay. I'll look in Paris, you look in Rome.
Abe: Check your own house first.
John: No. I admire Austin. One day, I want to be the definitive Duh-Boy.
Abe: Good luck.
Susan: Stefano, you're going to take Marlena?
Stefano: Yes, Kristen.
Susan: How? You can't even recognize your own daughter.
Stefano: Well, I'm smarter than John.
Susan: That's damning with faint praise.
Stefano: That's a fact.
Susan: What?!?!?!
Stefano: Just kidding. Bye.
Susan: (to herself) Maybe I should put him in the room, too.
ClayZebra: Yeah. How about Austin, too. And maybe Jennifer and Jack. And John. And everyone in Rome.
Susan: Vampires? Where are you coming from?
ClayZebra: The computer.
Susan: Oh.
She turns the computer off.

End of show.

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