June 17, 1997

Okay, it seems that I watched the show again. I really tried, I swear. As soon as the thought of watching Days crossed my mind, I gave myself a stern talking-to, but I apparently didn't listen. Oops. Hopefully my behavior will improve in the future. Anyway, here's what happened.

Jack and Jennifer are on the phone.
Jenn: My mom is getting better. Lynn is such a great person. Oh, Abby and I are coming to see you.
Jack: No. Abby can't see me. You'll be better off without me. Maybe I should just leave in the middle of the night
without telling you. Wait, I tried that once already.
Jenn: Why can't Abby see you?
Jack: Why should she? You're out-acting me today.
Jenn: Well, like I said, I couldn't have done it without Lynn. She's such a good person.
Jack: Speaking of good people, I miss Travis. He was taken away by a cop today. And the cop didn't look familiar, so it couldn't have been Stefano is disguise. Stefano couldn't pass for a cop- he has a brain.
Jenn: I understand. That nurse at the hospital today couldn't have been Stefano. Stefano doesn't have a ponytail.
Jack: That's why you're such a great reporter.

MEANWHILE, Sami, Carrie, Lucas, Austin, Mike, and Kate are discussing Victor.
Kate: I'm sure Victor was trying to tell us something.
Austin: (gesturing aimlessly) Uh like uh I uh can't uh act?
Kate: It was probably something we didn't already know.
Sami: Kate, I want to talk to you alone.
Carrie: She looks like evil Sami.
Mike: Wow! Carrie has a brain! Maybe my sister can do a story about it.
Carrie: I'm glad Kate will do anything for Austin and me. Except risk losing Victor's money. Or losing her blue nail polish.
Mike: Yeah, Kate is a hero. All she did was ruin my mom's life. That's forgivable.
Sami: Kate, buy a huge house for Austin and me.
Kate: Why huge?
Sami: So I can get far enough away from him that I can't hear him say "uh".
Kate: Okay.
Sami: And give Austin his own division.
Kate: Which one?
Sami: The uh division? The cue card division? The losing money division? The company plane use division? The Charlie fan club?
Kate: So many to choose from . . .
Carrie: What's going on?
Sami: I'm getting a house. Mike, I wanna walk!
Mike: You will.
Sami: Don't bet on it. Carrie, you're cute with Mike.
Carrie: We're just friends.
Sami: That's how relationships start.
Carrie: No, on Days you just jump in the sack.
Sami: Whoa. You are getting smart.

MEANWHILE, Kristen and Susan are talking.
Susan: Stefano's coming.
Kristen: Yipee! Oh, no, now I sound like Susan. You'd think I was played by the same actress
Susan: I'm smart. I'll outsmart Stefano.
Kristen: When did you get smart?
Susan: A few years ago, John dropped his brain behind the bed. I found it and now I'm using it.

End of Show

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