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Make Coffeerooms Your Start Up Page

TIP: To find out which browser version you're using,
click your browser's Help menu, and select About Navigator
or Communicator or About Internet Explorer.


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Version 4.x or above: Version 4.x and above:
1. Click on the Edit menu
2. Choose Preferences
3. Under Category, click Navigator
4. In the Location box enter: http://www.w3pg.com/ and click OK
1. Go to http://www.w3pg.com/
2. Click your browser's View menu
3. Select Internet Options
4. Click the General tab
5. In the Home Page section, click Use Currentand click OK
Version 3.x and below: Version 3.x and below:
1. Click on the Options menu
2. Choose General Preferences
3. Select the Appearance tab
4. In the Startup section, click Home Page Location button
5. Enter http://www.w3pg.com/ in the text field and click OK
1. Go to http://www.w3pg.com/
2. Click your browser's View menu
3. Choose Options
4. Click the Navigation tab
5. Click Use Current and click OK
NOTE: Next time you open your browser, the Coffeerooms
page will appear first. When visiting another site,
click your browser's Home button on the menu
bar to return to the Coffeerooms page.

Bookmark Coffeerooms

Internet Explorer
1.Go to http://www.w3pg.com/
2.Select Bookmarks in the Location toolbar
3.Select Add Bookmarks.
1.Go to http://www.w3pg.com/
2.From the Favorites menu, select Add to Favorites
3.Select the OK button.

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