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  Coffeerooms is the preferred destination for women on the web. We've got an active and friendly community centered around a compelling mix of interests, and it all makes Coffeerooms the place to be. If you want to communicate with women about your exciting products and helpful services, you need to be here too.  
Our Audience  
Educated and active women visit Coffeerooms moderated, comfortable environment, and return often. An independent survey highlights our continuing success:
  95% female
89% 18-55
90% US
06% Canada

41% over $50K/HH, 23% over $75K
44% college grad+, 75% some college+

21% Professional, 9% managment/technical
19% Full-time parent
26% Student

74% return to Coffeerooms daily, 22% weekly+
75% spend 20 minutes or more per visit
Your Opportunity  
Our 4 million pageviews reach out to 500 thousand unique sessions every month. This is your opportunity to communicate! We have the flexibility and the capacity to meet your requirements for any campaign.

We'll help you to reach our audience with an array of advertising and communication options; including standard
banners, graphic buttons, audience reaching text messages and custom sponsorships. We're here and we're ready to help make your campaign a success.

Ad and sponsorship location availability becomes limited closer to run dates. Reserve early through your agent or directly with
Coffeerooms ad sales.

Spring - Summer 2001

Fixed Sponsorships -- LOCATION  


on site

on page

art size



 Top left on
every page


$200 / rotation slot / month
6 slots only! *
as low as $0.68 CPM and better

Sponsor 2 

 Top right on
every page


$150 / rotation slot / month
6 slots only *
as low as $0.34 CPM and better


Site Front
(home) page

top center


$300 / month
2 month minimum


Right side
column- hi

120x60 or x90

$250 / month


Right side
column- low

120x60 or x90

$200 / month


Site Section
front pages

top center 


2 month minimum/section


Right side
col #1

120x60 or x90 

$125 / month


Right side
col #2

120x60 or x90

$100 / month


Board Sponsor

title bar

Name in title

$300 / board / month
3 month minimum


Background image
(with title
bar only)

tiled logo
image on
board pages

$200 / board / month
3 month minimum

Run of Site ROTATIONS  

Minimum Run

on site

on page

art size

base 10,000 <

100,000 <

inner pages ***

Top center
inner pages


$5 CPM

$3 CPM

inner pages

 Bottom center
inner pages


$2 CPM

$1 CPM






Top center



$2 CPM


Bottom center split




Board list pages 

 Board header

120x60 or x90 


 $2.50 CPM

Cost Per Click Placements (CPC)    


All ROS locations, limited slot availability; others negotiable.


CPM base rate = per click rate (e.g., $5 CPM rate = $5 CPC minimum.)


In advance of start of run; 100 click minimum per order, non-refundable.



one "rotation slot" = one impression per average unique session; 1/6 of current total page views, minimum 600,000 impressions per rotation slot as of 2/28/01. One month free on prepaid annual contract, one slot free on prepaid annual exclusive (all slots) contract. Effective CPM decreases throughout annual contract.


One month free on prepaid annual contract.


"inner pages" = all other than section front/home pages

15% discount to qualified buying agencies on advance payment,
no cancellation contracts. Not combinable with other discounts.

For all sponsorship information, please contact:
  Mike Pepper


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