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The Nesting Syndrome~Grown Children Living at Home
Valerie Wiener

Parents across the nation are experiencing a social phenomenon that has spread with surprising breadth and swiftness since the late 1980s: adult children who return home to live with their parents after brief or extended excursions into independent living. Similarly, many parents are having to cater to adult children who won't leave until their expectations for "the good life" are guaranteed. Valerie Wiener calls these grown children "nesters." Her book addresses this widespread phenomenon with timely information and helpful advice. Featuring comments from parents and their nesting children, The Nesting Syndrome presents all aspects of this difficult issue in a non-judgmental way.

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Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems ~ So You Survived Adolescence and
Thought There Would Be Calmer Waters Ahead. Ha!

by Paul Avila Mayer, Sasha Von Scherler

Using case studies, "Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems" presents a complete psychological system for parents who need help dealing with their grown children. The authors address such issues as money management, sexual orientation, addiction, career choices, and divorce.

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