Tuesday ~ Setember 7, 1999


Ben and Carmen are talking and she stabs the chair with an ice pick. She knows all about his secret with Blake! Ben is trying to get her to calm down, but she needs to know whether or not he has been sleeping with Blake the entire time that he and Carmen have been together! He tells her that Blake's baby is not his. She tells him not to think for a moment that she would not use the ice pick because she would! He tells her to trust him or not! Go ahead and use it! Ben tells Carmen that he can't take it any more because every time she gets a little tweaked he gets an ice pick or something similar. He said that they get close and then for whatever reason something happens and she jumps to the wrong conclusion. She always assumes the worse of him. He's always been honest with her. Blake has a problem and he has told her in the future to take her problems some where else! He has told Blake that they (Ben and Carmen) have and open relationship and can be honest. But Carmen cannot go on pulling a weapon on him every time she's had a bad day! Pilar hears them and tells Ben to get away from her mother! Carmen tells her that it was just an argument and she (Carmen) caused it. After Bill and Pilar leave Ben says "Fine? I spent lunch dodging an ice pick!" He has to go through an obstacle course to get near her. It's her house, her rules! He can't lose control completely. She tells Ben that she loves him.

Blake is standing outside the stable at Cassie's and crying about why Ross had to fall in love with her mother. She starts to walk inside the barn where Holly and Sam are when Ross walks up behind her and says to Holly that he is sorry that he tried to keep Blake away! Blake asks if he was babysitting her outside? Holly tells Ross that it is okay because she thinks it is time that Blake knew the truth. Holly has not been entirely honest about how she's been spending her time. She is there with Sam on business. She is working on an editorial case he was involved in. She mentions murder and parole before Blake asks Ross why he is letting her do this. Doesn't he care? Ross is helping her, Holly explains. Ross takes Blake outside and Sam asks Holly why she is making him sound like a project? He wants the truth! Don't think of it as a project! She will tell her daughter about them eventually. Sam thinks Holly is ashamed of him and feels that she would prefer to see him in private because she is dating out of her class! He tells her that she likes dancing and kissing but he is not her type! Well she is not his type either!

Outside Ross tells Blake to please give her mother a break with regard to Sam. Blake is glad that her mother has Ross to count on. Blake is going out of town. Ross wants to know how long she will be away, and she tells him a couple of months. Not to worry though, she will bring the boys back as often as she can. She is NOT taking his boys away for 2 months! When is he going to meet this boyfriend of hers, he wants to know. Soon! For dinner? Lunch tomorrow? She is not going to parade him in front of Ross and he tells her that she has always put her needs first. He will not let her take his boys! His apartment is too small for him to keep the boys there while she is away, so he says that he will move back into her house with Holly.

Cassie has Olivia locked in the closet and is begging her to save Richard as only Olivia can. Jonathan walks in and asks what's wrong with Aunt Olivia. Cassie tells him that they should play a game of hide and seek. She asks how he would like to go to a real castle and tells him that it will be really fun! Cassie tells him all about castles and dungeons. Just then Marissa and her husband come in and Jonathan tells them that they are going to see a real prince. They beg Cassie not to do it. They are his whole world. He will not understand. Cassie tells them that she knows they would do anything to keep Jonathan.

Richard and Josh find a piece of Reva's dress and realize that she is in the cave. They climb into the cave and Josh dives into the water where he sees Reva lying unconscious under water. Richard holds Reva's head up and Josh dives down and uses a rock to break her shackles and free her arms. They pull her out of the water and Josh performs mouth to mouth resuscitation. When Reva regains consciousness Richard tells her that Edmund will not hurt anyone any more because he is dead! He tells her that all those years he thought that she had taken his son from him and all the time it was his brother.

Matt, Jim, Danny and Michelle are looking for Cassie and Josh. Just as they decide to split up, they see a guard and ask if he knows where Prince Edmund is and he replies "as if you didn't know! One of you people pushed him off a cliff! Come with us." The guard tells them that they have investigated their yacht and have found explosive devices. They were after the royal family and Edmund and Richard was both missing! They know all about Mr. Santos' business! Treason! Danny punches the guard. (He is trying to allow the others to escape). They are taken away at gunpoint and told that they will pay for their crimes. They are put in front of a firing squad . Ready! Aim!

Harley and Frank are talking and Frank asks how is nephew is. She tells him to come and see him. Then she says that she is going to call the nanny and check on her son. Frank gives her a hard time about a sister of his having "a nanny"! Frank is preoccupied and Harley can tell he isn't hearing anything she says. Buzz comes over and Frank asks how Selena is and Buzz simply says "back to you Frank"! Frank says that he has to talk because he is stuck on something. Frank starts talking about everything that Phillip represents. Nanny's, trust funds, that sort of thing. He wonders how Eleni feels. Frank wants her to have all those things too because she gave up so much when she divorced Alan-Michael and married him. Their house burned down so they moved into the Diner. Then the Diner burned down so they moved in at the Boarding House that Buzz owns. Harley jokes that he'd better not give Frank any matches! Frank says he wants something permanent for Eleni and Marina. He wants Marina to have the best roller blades and Eleni to have a beautiful kitchen. Marina should have her own back yard to play in and Eleni should be able to buy a new dress just because she wants one! He wants to buy them a house but he asks how he's going to do that on a cop's salary! Buzz says that he wants to speed up the process and buy a house for them. Frank protests and Buzz says that he is forcing him to say this, but Buzz is doing it for himself because the boarder's are all starting to complain because of Frank's weird hours, etc, etc, so let him do something for HIS kid! It's settled! He's buying them a house! Talk to Eleni! Harley asks what Buzz is going to buy her and he asks what she NEEDS? Nothing! But she would take a leather jacket to match the one he bought little Alan

Back at the palace Richard and Josh take off to find Danny, Michelle, Jim and Matt and Reva sits at a table crying. "What's the matter, lady? Why are you so sad?" Reva looks into the eyes of her son!

What will happen next? Just
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