Friday ~ Setember 3, 1999


Ross and Holly are at Cassie's house and Holly is chiding Ross about "that look" he gets whenever he thinks that he may see Blake! He reminds her that he is only there as a chaperone for her and Sam because those were the Judge's orders. Holly hugs Ross and thanks him for helping her with all her legal issues of late, as Blake simultaneously spies them through the window. Ross sees Blake and asks why she is there. She says that she comes to talk to Hart. He asks if anything is wrong. She mentions how peaceful the garden is. (Both think thoughts of the other but cannot bring themselves to speak these thoughts out loud). Blake says her good-byes and starts to leave. Ross calls out to her asking her to wait! There is something he needs to know! The last few times they saw each other were ugly, but he just wants to know about this guy? It will affect the lives of his children he reminds her. (The conversation is very cordial, no anger or threats). She tells him that the relationship is still very new. Is she in love with this guy, Ross wants to know? She reminds him that the happiness that she and Ross shared doesn't come around too often! He tells her that she might find it again and she says that she would like that very much! Ross reminds her that no matter what, she can always pick up the phone and call him because he will always be there for her. He tells her that she can always talk to her mother too! She mentions that he has been spending lots of time with her mother. He has been working on her case, but yes he has spent time with Holly. They've had breakfast, gone for drives and talked. Blake says that she doesn't want her mother sticking her nose in her business, so she doesn't talk to her mother. "Hey Ross…are you happy?" Yes, he is very happy, he informs her! Good then..they are both good!

Holly goes out to the stable where Sam is waiting for her. He tells her that he grew up on a farm and learned to ride and whittle before he could walk. Not like HER world he is sure! Holly tells him that she thinks "her world" is highly over rated! She tries to get him to talk about "that night" by asking him if there were any friends there the night he killed that man. Never was much into friends, he informs her. But what about Hart, she reminds him? Sam shuts the barn door and turns on the radio. They're on a date, he reminds her. If they're gonna talk, they're gonna dance a little too! She keeps persisting with the questions while they dance and Sam chides her with "you're not very good at this datin' thing, are you? I won't make you do the two-step or anything! I just wanna hold you!" As they slow dance, they share their first kiss! One kiss leads to many others! Blake goes out to the stable after she finishes talking with Ross. "Ross, I want to be with you so badly I can barely breath! Why did you have to fall in love with my mother?"

Carmen asks Dietz if he is positive that he saw Blake at an obstetrician's office. She keeps trying to figure out why Blake would go out of town when there are so many wonderful, competent doctors right there in Springfield. Then it hits her! She would not have gone out of town if she were not trying to keep the father of her baby a secret! Carmen says that she and Ben made a pack to share everything because without that a relationship DIES! Ben enters and Carmen is trying unsuccessfully to get Ben to tell her about Blake being pregnant with his child. She reminds him how important last night was for them because of the way they shared their feelings. It really meant a lot to her. She trusts him! He's given her a person she can be herself with and be honest with. She wants her children to trust him. Ben reminds her that it won't be easy, but she counters with the fact that her children required more attention when they were babies than the do now. Babies are a huge responsibility! "Why all the talk about babies," Ben asks her? "Explain that one to Blake"! Carmen has never taken kindly to competition, she informs Ben! She feels vulnerable If someone has crossed her, they PAY! She gave herself to him completely, she reminds Ben. "Skip dinner…dessert only!", Ben tells her. They are kissing when Carmen picks up the ice pick and stabs the chair with it. "I know all about your pregnant girlfriend, Blake Marlor!"

Edmund and Richard struggle after Edmund pulls a gun on him and they both fall over a cliff. Edmund is hanging on Richard's feet when Josh catches up with them and tries to pull both of them up. Edmund loses his grip and falls. Josh pulls Richard up only to have Richard turn on him! "You idiot! You just killed my brother! You just killed Reva"! Josh tells him to think where Edmund might have taken Reva! She's his wife too, Richard insists! There isn't much time! Think where his brother might have taken her pleads Josh! Richard recalls that Edmund always loved the water and they went down to the pier often. He said that Edmund would always sneak off….it must be the caves! They jump on the motorcycle that Josh had been driving and race away. My question is why was Josh driving? How the heck did HE know where the caves were?!!!

Reva keeps saying to herself over and over that she is going to get out of there because she has come too far! Water rushes in and she struggles. "I'm gonna live"! Water continues pouring in! Reva holds her breath and goes under the water to attempt to free her hands. Reva is losing consciousness and remembers happy times in her life with Josh…their wedding day….when Marah was born…next to the ocean kissing…Cassie and Tammy…she and Josh on their most recent wedding night. Her head is still under water and bubbles are coming out of her nose.

Olivia is talking with Marissa - gonna leave San Cristobel…things have changed! Edmund has kidnapped Reva and Richard knows that Jonathan is alive! They have to get out of San Cristobel as soon as possible! Cassie walks in and announces "if you think you are taking my sister's child anywhere, you're going to have to go through me to do it"! Cassie sees Jonathan and is clearly moved to be so near her sister's child! Olivia tells Cassie to stay away from him! She asks Cassie where Reva was when Jonathan was in danger? Off with her other family…her other children! She knew what Edmund was capable of, Olivia insists! Cassie tells her to shut up! She told her to be honest! "You kept his son out of the way so that you'd have Richard all to yourself!" She didn't know what else to do, Olivia insists! She's been in love with Richard almost her entire adult life! But from the moment they pulled Reva out of the water, Richard fell in love with her, Olivia painfully tells Cassie. Cassie tells her that she knows what it is like to lose the love of your life, but that she could never hurt the man she loved the way that Olivia has hurt Richard! Watching him agonize over the loss of his son for all those years! Why doesn't she give Richard what he really wants…give him his son back! Give him what even Reva cannot give him! Do the right thing , Cassie pleads! Olivia tells Marissa to go pick up her husband. Cassie keeps telling her that if she loves Richard as much as she says she does, she won't hurt him any more. Only Olivia has the power to do that, Cassie reminds her! Cassie locks Olivia in the closet moments before Jonathan walks in and asks what's wrong with Aunt Olivia? "I want you to come with me!", Cassie tells him!

Josh and Richard arrive at the cave and find a piece of Reva's robe so they know she is near. They quickly climb up to the cave and Josh jumps into the water where Reva is. She is unconscious and he is fighting to get her lose!

What will happen next?
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