Thursday ~ Setember 2, 1999


Carmen is fretting over Ben and Blake and what their relationship now entails. Diets calls Carmen and says that he has followed Blake to an obstetrician's office and that he is going to tell Blake what Carmen wanted him to tell her when she comes out. Ben comes in and Carmen is skeptical. He is all hers for the rest of the night he tells her. She tells him that she could be deeply hurt by him but begs him not to hurt her! She asks about the business with Blake and Ben tells her it is nothing. Blake had a problem and he helped her deal with it. End of story! Ben runs to find them a special vintage for a special night and Carmen says to herself that Ben is such a liar! That Blake is pregnant with his child!

Blake is talking with the doctor and makes him promise that any medical information or their discussions are strictly confidential. How will they proceed from here the doctor wants to know? She wants her baby but she cannot tell her husband because he is not involved with another woman! He suggests that she talks to her mother about the baby and Blake begins to laugh and says that she definitely cannot talk to her mother. Meanwhile, back at the ranch….Blake goes to the Jessup farm where she sits in the stable crying and saying how much she wants Ross to know that she is carrying his child.

Holly and Ross are talking with the Judge. Ross insists that Holly did not mean to do anything against her probation. It was not intentional! The Judge insists that Holly is to never see the convicted felon again. Holly convinces the Judge that there were mitigating circumstances in Sam's case and it piques the Judge's interest! He wants the name of the man so that he can look into the case. He says that if there really were mitigating circumstances, perhaps he can do something. Holly refuses to give him Sam's name. He orders the Bailiff to arrest her and simultaneously Sam walks in the door and announces that he is the man Holly wrote the story about! He is the convicted felon! The Judge decides to resend his previous ruling and will decide on Ms. Reid's case at a later date. When/if she learns facts that prove there was a miscarriage of justice, he wants to know about it. Ross asks how Holly can investigate when she is not allowed to see Sam? Since Ross is Holly's former son-in-law, he must be present very time she is with Sam! Sam argues and Holly asks to have a moment alone with him. The Judge agrees! Back up here…the Judge just got through saying that she could never be alone with him, and in the same breath, permits them to go outside alone to talk! Shouldn't he make up his mind? Sam asks Holly if she is glad that he is back and he doesn't mean because of the story? Holly tells the Judge that she is accepting his offer. He reminds her that she is not to speak with anyone outside this room about this case! The three of them decide to go to Cassie's place because she is out of the country and they can have some privacy.

Cassie, Olivia, Richard and Josh are frantic with worry over Reva when Edmund comes charging into the room with a couple of guards. Cassie demands to know what he has done with her sister! "Never fear! Reva lives!" When Richard demands that he tell them where she is, he tells him that Richard is not giving orders any more! He does tell them that Reva cannot escape and will die if they don't give him what he wants! What are the terms, Richard and Josh demand to know! "Your obsession of Reva has meant disaster for our country", scoffs Edmund! His terms? Richard abdicates his throne! Richard refuses and Edmund says that Reva will die! "Issue a proclamation turning all power over to me"! Richard agrees but Edmund can tell he is lying. Edmund grabs Cassie and holds her at gunpoint! He lets her go after he is safely in his car and he speeds away. Richard refuses to let Josh into the jeep with him when he is going after his brother. Josh beats up a guard and then drives off on a motorcycle. Richard takes a different route than the others and is driving through mud and dirt, not on paved roads like Josh and Edmund. He cuts in front of Edmund's car. Both men get out and start running. Josh arrives about this time and starts chasing them both. Edmund is on the edge of a cliff and he and Richard have a scuffle. Both men go over the edge but Richard is hanging onto the side of the cliff and Edmund is dangling from Richard's legs. Josh comes running over and tries to pull both me up. If Edmund dies they will never find Reva Josh admonishes! Edmund slips and falls. Josh pulls Richard up and he screams at Josh that Josh had killed Richard's brother!

Oliva tells Cassie that they should go separately and search for Reva because they can cover more ground that way. Cassie has that "untrusting" look in her eye as if she thinks Olivia is up to something!

Reva has water rushing in around her while her hands are shackled below the water. She screams for Josh. Some children hear her screams and come to watch her. They think she is a ghost but she begs them to get help for her because she is NOT a ghost! Reva is saying what a lucky woman she has always been as the water is rushing all around her and the level is up to her mouth!

What will happen next?
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