Wednesday ~ Setember 1, 1999


Selena and Drew are making plans to go to Chicago to find Drew's dad. She tells Selena that finding her was the best thing that's ever happened to her but now she wants to find her dad. Everywhere she looks, she checks out men's eyes and nose to see if they look like her she tells Selena. She needs Selena's help because she just wants to know who he is! Drew is so obsessed with finding her dad that she has been dreaming of him. "Bet you hope it's the one with the scar", Drew tells Selena. Selena freaks when she realizes how many names there are in her "book". No wonder Buzz flipped out! Just as Selena and Drew are starting to leave, the phone rings and Drew refuses to answer it and just leaves but not before placing her engagement ring on the counter! It is Jesse calling from the Springfield airport! He's in town and on his way over! When Jesse sees the engagement ring on the counter, he decides that Drew has moved on, so he just leaves. Selena makes Drew realize that she should go home and get her engagement ring. When they arrive at Drew's they realize that there isn't any message on the answering machine even though they were there when the phone had been ringing.

Buzz tells Jesse that Drew and her mom went looking for her dad and Jesse tells him that she left her engagement ring behind, so it's all over!

Ben and Carmen are kissing passionately! Pilar watches. Ben and Carmen jokes that they should make some drinks and toast the $2 million that went up in smoke! Ben warns Carmen that she should really DO something about Pilar. The way she was ready to sleep with Bill to escape the police! Talk to Pilar and explain about us, Ben encourages! Carmen says that she would describe him as smart, sexy, charming and a challenge! "Tell me about your romantic experiences," Carmen begs of Ben. " Where did they begin? Tell me about the first time"! Carmen reminds Ben that she opened up to him so it isn't fair that he is keeping secrets from her! So he told her all about being scarred and having people be scared of him and not wanting to be around him. He said that when he was in college, some of the guys from a frat decided to let him into their frat and took him to a hooker to try and scare her. He told her that the hooker knew and what they were up to and so she was really kind to Ben. He said that she held him and looked into his eyes and kissed his scar. She pretended that he was the best lover ever and she really changed his life. He said that he would never forget that night!

Richard and Josh are asking each other where Reva is because each believes the other knows! Richard says that Olivia tried to kill Reva and Josh sets him straight that Olivia had in fact been helping him to find Reva! Edmund is the one holding Reva, Oliva and Josh inform and unbelieving Richard! How dare they blame his brother? He would not believe that his brother would do anything like that! The picture of Jonathan that Olivia had given Reva was lying on the floor. Richard picks it up and hands it to Josh telling him that there was the picture of his, Shane. Josh informs him that it isn't a picture of HIS son! That isn't Shane! Olivia tells him to turn the picture over and he reads the name "Jon" and the year 1999 written on the back. "It's MY son!" Richard says barley able to believe it himself! Richard can't help proclaiming how beautiful his son is! He is hurt and outraged at Olivia for keeping him from his son! She tries to tell him that she was only trying to save Jonathan's life!

Meanwhile Edmund pushes Reva up a cliff wall into a cave that he and Richard had discovered when they were just boys. Reva, in trying not to show her fear, kept berating Edmund with smart little remarks such as "I just LOVE what you've done with the place"! She continues to taunt him telling him that things don't have to be this way. "You were never man enough", Reva tells him. "Richard never asked a woman, he just acted on it! A real prince shouldn't have to ask! You couldn't stand it that Olivia and I both preferred Richard over you! I'll tell you why! He knew what he wanted and took it!" Edmund doesn't give a damn, or so he would have Reva believe. He grabs her and kisses her. She falls and he drags her by her feet farther into the cave. Edmund stands over Reva pointing a gun at her and she tells him that he is only half the man his brother is! Edmund slaps her and knocks her out and tells her that she will regret that!

Pilar and Bill talk and she tells him that she is sorry that she wasn't honest with him. And she is also sorry that she used him to get away from the police, but that she is not ready to get "more involved" in their relationship and she can't promise him when she will be! He tells her that he understands and he will wait for her until she is ready!

Richard and Josh decide to work together to save Reva. Edmund calls (while looking at Reva who is in shackles), and Richard demands to know if Reva is all right! "She's fine for now", Edmund sneers! "Prince Charming and Precious Joshua! I almost hope they don't meet my demands because I would like nothing more than to see you die"!

What will happen next?
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