Monday ~ August 30, 1999


Michelle & Danny are talking about the stolen bearer bonds in their possession. Danny assures her that no one will ever no about them and that it will never happen again! About this time the investigators arrive at the door demanding to be let in because they have a search warrant. They intend to search every inch of the house! Your husband is gonna take you down with him on this unless you are willing to talk and cooperate with us, the investigators inform Michelle! Michelle pipes up with "I can't live like this anymore Danny! I'll show you what you want to see! While Danny burns the stolen bearer bonds in the grill on the patio, Michelle tells the investigators that they have been getting free cable for months and that she had told her husband that they would get caught! The investigators tell them that they are going to "tear the place apart" if they don't produce what they are looking for immediately! Danny overhears one of them saying to the other that the bonds were supposed to be in a suitcase that the tip had been very specific! But where are the bonds? After the investigators leave, Danny makes a joke about that being the most expensive BBQ ever! Michelle is not amused! She tells him that she just lied to the police for him! She reminds him that they came there to save Reva, not to deliver some stolen bonds! She said that he had promised her that he would never lie to her! She told him to look her in the eye and promise that it will never happen again! He couldn't and she said "This is how it is! Family is more important than us!"

Meanwhile at the Ball Cassie is begging Richard to help her find her husband, while Beth is berating Jim with angry bouts of "Tell me what was so important that you had to lie to me!" He is trying to help Josh save Reva, Jim informs Beth! He tells her that it was he who set off the bomb! She asks if he is telling the truth and he comes back with "Give me a break, Beth!" She asks if she almost made him blow it by being a jealous girlfriend? Jim drops his source of communication with Josh on the steps and Beth, in trying to redeem herself with Jim, acts like she trips and quickly picks it up! Jim told Beth that she made things very complicated for him! Said how could she believe that he had an affair with Cassie!

In Reva's room there is a bloody knife and Reva's tiara!

In the secret passageway behind the bookshelf, Edmund is holding a gun to Reva's head. Olivia and Josh are in Reva's room trying to push the bookshelf to allow them entry to the secret passage. Josh is pushing the bookshelf with all his might and all the while screaming helplessly for his beloved Reva! Josh and Olivia finally get the door open! Josh knows that Edmund has Reva and he finds the bracelet that Marah gave her mother so he knows that she is still alive.

Edmund tells Reva that he told her he would get her out of the palace alive and she comes back with "but you are going to kill me now"! Edmund informs her that he is not a murderer by nature! Reva comes back with the fact that killing her won't improve life in San Cristobel, but Edmund says that killing her will improve HIS life! He tells her that he and Richard used to go on walks with his father and his father always showed him the best sights as well as the worst. Edmund says that Richard lost sight of their father's dream! He says that Reva made him weak! "It's about power! Richard has it and you want it"! She tells him to go ahead and shoot her that he will be killing himself as well! He will face charges of treason! Oh but only if someone finds out Edmund informs her! "Kill me and you will be killing everything you believe in and have worked so hard for!" Reva promises Edmund. She informs him that she is his "bargaining chip", that they need to stick together. As they walk into a very secluded place, Edmund says, "Welcome to your home away from home"! She reminds him that she needs food and water and that they WILL want her alive!

Richard too is looking for Reva and vows that he will find her and won't lose her again! He comes across Cassie again and by now has figured out who she is. He tells her that she'd better start talking and telling him everything she knows right then or she will regret ever setting foot in San Cristobel! He LOVES Reva too he informs her! He says that he has always loved her! Josh enters the room and says that she isn't HIS to love!

Ben and Carmen are getting cozy when Ben asks if she is still worried about Pilar? Yes, she is still afraid that Pilar will sleep with Bill to get back at Carmen. About this time Pilar enters and hisses at her mother "You got your wish, Mother! Bill and I are all over!" After Pilar sulks and leaves the room., Ben tells Carmen that he has never seen a mother who cares so much about her children! (Hello? What land has he been living in? It certainly hasn't been in 'ol Springfield USA!). Carmen in her display of motherly love asks what will happen if Danny is sent to prison instead of Michelle? Now I have to ask…isn't this just a tad bit late to consider the fact that her son could be named as a conspirator?! She just couldn't live with herself if that were to happen! Carmen is waiting for the phone call from San Cristobel informing her of how things went down with regard to the bonds. Carmen goes to change into something "more comfortable" and as soon as she leaves, Pilar enters and begins her attempts to seduce Ben! Ben defends Carmen to her daughter, which only makes her angry! Her mother would die for her, Ben informs Pilar! After Pilar leaves, Carmen comes in and begins to passionately kiss Ben saying that no one has EVER stood up for her that way! Carmen calls Danny and reminds him not to deliver the bearer bonds until tomorrow. She cannot believe her ears when Danny tells her that he burned the $2 million bearer bonds because the investigators were there! Ben makes Carmen realize that Danny will now feel guilty and will not rest until he has made things up to his mother! He will never be able to leave the family business now, Ben points out!

What will happen next?
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