Tuesday ~ August 17, 1999


Michelle can't stand "being kept in the dark" by Danny (she needs to Follow the Light)! She wants to know what he's doing with regard to the family business! She feels alienated and says it hurts her! She said she could live with who he is reminds Danny! She knew there were things that he needed to do for the family, he tells her. She asks if that means that he would kill someone and he tells her that while she may not know everything about what he does, there are some things she SHOULD know that he would never do! They make up and decide that there will be no more sleeping in separate beds. When Danny is alone, he begins a long conversation with his late father. He tells him that he hates all the lies that he has to and will have to again tell Michelle. He asks if Michelle will hate him one day or worse yet…accept his family's kind of life! He vows that he can never let that happen!

Richard can't sway Reva's mind from the swing they found in Olivia's garden! Jonathan is alive and she knows it! Richard thinks she is just setting herself up for heartbreak when they learn that Jonathan really is dead! Reva won't listen and says she's not going to rest until she gets some answers. As she is leaving, she drops her scarf and stoops down to pick it up. Her eyes are drawn to some letters that are carved into a tree "JON"! Reva tells Richard that there is no denying what they saw! Richard assures her that they will find Olivia because they are doing everything possible to find her, but that it will just take time!

Jim, Cassie and Josh are all talking about the fact that Reva's plane came home without her on it! Cassie wants to help but Josh and Jim both feel that she would only be putting herself in danger. She assures them that she can hold her own in the castle. Attempting to convince Jim, she pretends that he is Richard and she is a reporter who wants to interview him. She says she knows she can handle it because after all, she used to be a stripper! Just as she is pouring on that Shayne charm that only she and Reva possess, Beth appears and views it as Cassie flirting with Jim! She wants to know what is going on? Beth begs Jim to tell her his plans regarding what he is doing with Josh. He can't tell her and he's really sorry about that! About that time, Cassie comes over and tells Jim to please be careful! From the tone of her voice, Beth knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cassie knows what Jim is up to, but yet he can't tell Beth! She is furious and upset at the same time! Jim explains that Cassie works with Josh, so of course she would know their plans!

Carmen and Ben discuss the 2 million dollar stolen bearer bonds that Michelle will have unknowingly have stashed in her suitcase. Danny will be very upset warns Ben!

Marisa hears helicopters and is terrified that they are looking for them! She tells Olivia that "they must know that Jonathan is alive"! Marisa reminds Olivia about the night that Catherine/Reva gave Jonathan to Olivia so that she would keep him safe. Reva/Catherine gave him to Marisa and her husband because they were not able to have children of their own! They took him to keep him safe, but what happens if he gets hurt now she asks or what if he gets shot?

What if who gets shot Mommy Jonathan asks? Marisa explains how a woman protects a little boy by giving him to someone else to care for! He asks if she would ever do that to him and she says that she would never let anyone take him away from them!

Meanwhile, Edmund is trying to get into the room where Reva and Richard are talking. A guard stops him and says that he has his orders from Sir Richard that NO ONE would be allowed into that room! Reva starts remembering things! Edmund was there the night she left and she was upset, but that is all she remembers. Simultaneously Edmund remembers the night that Reva left. Reva was saying, "I knew my child was in danger, but I never dreamed it would be you! Why would you harm your brother's
child" Reva asked Edmund.

"He should never have been born. Richard and I were born to run this land, not some child born unto trash like you!"

"You will never find him", declares Reva! "I will tell Richard"!

"You will tell Richard nothing"! His thoughts of that night begins to fade as Reva and Richard start out of the room and run into Edmund! Edmund is saying to himself "I can't let her remember that night!" Reva begs Edmund to tell her what they talked about the night she left because her every instinct tells her that Edmund knows more than he is saying.

"Tell her everything you know, dammit", Richard screams! But Edmund thinks quickly on his feet! He told Reva and Richard that she told Edmund all about Josh and her two other children and about the fact that she was leaving Richard that night but could not face telling him! "It was Richard you were afraid of that night" vows Edmund! As he is leaving, Edmund says to himself that he has bought himself a couple of days until Reva remembers! A guard hands him the phone and tells him that it is for him. Edmund hears Olivia's voice on the other end asking him for a favor. She needs the royal boat so that no one will try to detain her as she leaves San Cristobel. Edmund strikes a deal with Olivia….you tell Reva to meet you at noon tomorrow and the boat is yours! That's all she has to do! She feels she has no choice, so she agrees!

Richard tells Reva that he now understands that she gave their child to Olivia so that she could leave him and the country and go home to Josh and her other family! He said that she would have come back then to take Jonathan away from him too! He is deeply hurt by this revelation!

After some time, Richard apologizes to Reva and says he doesn't know what happened the night she left, but he does know that he loved her! He asks how she will leave him this time!

What's going to happen next?
Just Follow the Light and see!




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