Monday ~ August 16, 1999


Ross & Holly are having dinner. Now Ross tells her how her decision not to sell the Springfield Journal was a "sane" decision, and Holly had to admit, "no one's accused me of being THAT lately"! Poor Blake is sitting at the bar watching! That 'ol green eyed monster has a hold of that girl and will NOT let go! She's so convinced that her mother & Ross are falling for each other again, she orders a double scotch! It's not long before she realizes that a double milk is about as much as she can handle right now with her impending motherhood! While Blake is letting her imagination run away with her, Holly is telling Ross to face his true feelings for Blake! He knows he is still in love with Blake Holly insists, so why doesn't he just admit it to himself? Holly says that while she is asking him to be honest with himself about his feelings for Blake, Holly is starting to be honest with herself about Sam. Poor Blake! She over hears Ross tell Holly that he can't wait to get back to the hotel!

Meanwhile Pilar is hiding the stolen bearer bonds in her purse and heads over to see her man Bill! In walk two policemen who recognize her as "Carmen Santos' daughter"! Pilar gets scared and tells Bill that she REALLY wants to go upstairs to his room with him! Bill likes the idea and is so pleased that Pilar is finally "ready"! Just as things are "heating up" in Bill's room, there is a knock on the door and Danny is the one doing the knocking! He tells Pilar that there is a family emergency and she must leave immediately! He is upset to see Pilar half undressed (or half dressed, depending on your view), and pulls Bill aside. I hear you're a valuable commodity at San Cor. That your computer program is very valuable, Danny informs Bill. However, he wants him to understand that he will no longer be valuable if he is not good to Danny's sister! I think someone should remind Danny about HIS brother-in-law Rick!!! Does "having your sister committed to protect her" ring any bells with Danny? How can he say that Rick was wrong to protect HIS sister at all costs when he is trying to do the very same thing?!!

New Papa Phillip is trying unsuccessfully to burp young Master Alan Cooper Spaulding when the doorbell rings interrupting the "Spaulding family night". When he answers the door, who should be there but Beth and India! It's just another Spaulding crisis! India is confused about her job responsibilities and Beth is being denied access to areas of the business that she simply MUST have access to! Personally I can't imagine going to the home of the CEO of a major enterprise and asking the CEO to solve these things, but hey….that's why I write ABOUT the soaps and not FOR the soaps!

Phillip tells them that he will talk to the Spaulding PR people and have them take care of India! He even promises to make sure that Beth gets all the computer access she needs for her new position in the company. All the while he is ushering them to the door! When he opens it….there is Vickie! Mad as an 'ol wet hen! Why wasn't she informed of this meeting she asks? It wasn't a meeting Phillip assures her! When he tells her why Beth and India have come, Vickie, very intelligently in my opinion, states that they should have come to HER instead of Phillip because it is HER job to handle those types of problems! She says that Beth and India have shown a total lack of respect for Vickie! Phillip walks Vickie to her car and tells her that the real reason she is upset is that she did not get a promotion. "Deal with it or you're out", Phillip informs her! Phillip tells her that she has a bright future at Spaulding but that she just needs to prove herself. She claims that she HAS proven herself. He says he means in ways other than by blackmailing people like Michael Burke! She has been a loyal and productive member of the family she asserts! Vickie's got the picture! She talks to herself after Phillip goes inside. Even though she has earned her stripes, she will always be passed over for promotions! She understands perfectly! She places a call to Ben Warren! "Let's see if the company sees my true value", she vows!

While Phillip is talking with Vickie, Beth is trying to get close to Susan who moves away from her! They discuss Jim's upcoming birthday and attempt to plan a party together. It is soon very apparent that they have TOTALLY different ideas for a birthday party! Susan plans for all night or late night activities while Beth, in her typical fashion, let's Susan know that she wants some "private" time with Jim! Oh..she gets it, Susan assures her!

After Beth and India leave, Susan tells Harley about Beth's plans…. a little cake and ice cream and then just take my dad to bed! She wishes it were Cassie that her Dad was involved with!

Olivia and her sister, Marisa, are rushing to pack so they can leave before the fact that they are leaving can be detected! Everything is fine! Don't panic instructs Olivia!

Else where Reva and Richard are puzzled! They went to the exact location where Olivia told them their son, Jonathan, was buried, but….no grave! Richard still believes that Olivia wouldn't lie to him about the child's death and Reva cannot be convinced that he IS dead! I think someone needs to remind Richard that Olivia lied to him for YEARS about his son claiming not to know anything about his where abouts! I say "what's one more lie between friends"? Reva insists that they need to put an end to it so she insists that they go back and look for their son's grave one last time before she goes home to Josh and her other children. They go to Olivia's house and when no one answers their knock, they just open the door and go inside. It doesn't take long for them to realize that she has gone! Her clothes and personal items are gone! Olivia has no intention of coming back Reva insists! Reva won't leave without learning the truth about their son. As they are walking around…what's this? A child's swing! Olivia doesn't' have any children!

Else where Olivia is talking to a blond haired boy and assures him that "everything is going to be all right, Jonathan"!

What's going to happen next?
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