Thursday ~ August 5, 1999


Alan declares that he plans to LIVE! But on his own terms! He said it was time for everyone to know what those terms are. He said, "Today, Alan Spaulding's life is changing forever and so will each of your's. He tells Beth to invite the press in because he wishes to make a statement. "Contrary to what you may have heard, I am very much alive. What I am about to tell you will mark an end to a very important era. Alan J. Spaulding is retiring from Spaulding Enterprises"! Phillip tells Alan that he may live to regret this decision to retire. Alan says that he has already talked to Alan-Michael, Alex and Amanda and they all support his decision. Now what I want to know is when and how did he have these discussions when only moments before, it looked like he wasn't going to make it? Alan announced the following:

The new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises is Phillip Spaulding.
The new Vice President is Vanessa Reardon.

And the NEWEST position of Executive Ambassador will be held by India. (He later explains that the old "look" of Spaulding was stodgy and he wants her to be the "new face")! But good 'ol Vickie got really upset when he announced to the press that he wanted her to "continue in her present position of helping out Vanessa and Beth in their assignments. Lizzie asks "what about me, Grandpa"? And he tells her that she has the best position of all…. His protégé'!

Buzz was busy giving away free drinks in honor of the birth of his first and only grandson! It's funny when you think about the fact that his son gave him a granddaughter and his daughter gave him a grandson. Jesse put a slight damper on his mood, however, when he announced his plans to move out of Drew's place. He tried to explain it to Buzz, but it was obvious that he did not understand himself what was going on with his and Drew's relationship. He said that she says that she has never wanted him around more but she's never pushed him away so much! Jesse tells Buzz that Drew loved Max, so he learned to love him too! He said, then she loved Selena, so he learned to love Selena too! Drew was concerned about he fact that he isn't Jewish, and he agreed to convert! Whatever makes her happy makes him happy too! But even then, she still pushes him away. Buzz asks where he is moving to and Jesse says he hasn't figured that out yet and Buzz insists that he move in with him! Jesse doesn't' want to be a third wheel, but still Buzz insists!

Meanwhile, back at Drew's place, Selena is giving her daughter a great big hug and Drew asks, "what's that for"? Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Selena feels Drew's pain. Selena said she loved her and felt that she just needed a hug. She tells Selena about Jesse moving out. Just then Buzz and Jesse arrive and Jesse announces that Buzz asked him to move in and keep him company. Smoke is pouring out of Selena's ears as she yells at Buzz, "Are you out of your mind!"

Reva writes a journal declaring her love for Josh. He will only read it if something was to happen to her. In it she describes how she is planning to make Richard believe that she is falling in love with him all over again! She thinks that is the only way she will survive. She tells Bud that he is her "knight in shining armor" She also declares her love for their two children but asks him to understand that she has another child that she owes it to, to remember what happened to him. Reva gets Richard to tell her all about how they first fell in love. They begin to dance and he can tell that Reva is faking her "memories". They talk and out of a sense of guilt, he hands her his cell phone and tells her to call Cedar's hospital and that she will find Cassie in room 404. They share a kiss! Richard tells Reva that she can't worry about Cassie as that will only serve to distract her, so he calls the hospital and learns that they still don't know anything because they are still running tests

Josh walks in on Blake and Cassie during their charade at the hospital where they are trying to get a convincing message to Reva that Cassie is sick and she needs Reva to come home! He threatens to blow the whistle on them and leaves the room to do just that because he says that they may get Reva killed if the royal family in San Cristobel learn that it was all a hoax. Cassie follows him and leaves Blake in the room to "pretend" to be a sick "Cassie". The doctor draws blood and then leaves. Enter Cassie and Josh just as the phone rings. It's Reva! Josh answers, but Reva pretends that it's her sister that she's talking to. Josh comes clean and tells Reva that Cassie really isn't sick, that she just wanted Reva to come home! Reva tells Richard the truth and he is deeply impressed by her honesty.

David has a run in with some cops who don't like "slime cops"! As soon as they leave, David calls Frank on his cell phone. Now I ask you, how secure is that? We're talking about taking down the Santos family, which is one of the big time "mob" families! I couldn't believe they would take the chance of being "heard"!




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