Wednesday ~ August 4, 1999


Ross is trying to convince Holly to sell "The Springfield Journal", but Holly doesn't know what she would do with herself! Personally I say she should take up babysitting because we all know she can handle 10 or more kids all at the same time. If they misbehave, she can just give them one of her sleeping pills! Now along comes Blake and she is "green eyed" as ever when she sees Ross and Holly talking! Holly excuses herself and insists that Blake sit down and spend some time with Ross. Holly runs into Sam as she's leaving Company and she tells him that her lawyer thinks she should sell her newspaper. Sam tells her that it is obvious that she loves that paper, so why sell it?

Pilar and David are going to a concert. Pilar tells David that she doesn't judge him, which is probably a good thing since Mama Santos hasn't exactly been a pilar of society herself! They run into Vickie, and like Holly, she is green with envy! Vickie runs into Bill and tells him that Pilar is out on a date with David! Now BILL has been bitten by the green eyed monster, because he is jealous too! Meanwhile, David and Pilar have "car trouble" which enables Frank to record their conversation.

Ben and Carmen are talking when Danny comes home. So nice to see him, Mama Santos cries! She's missed him! "It's easy to miss each other when you are out of the country!", Danny declares. He tells her that he saw her in San Cristobel and you could just feel the perspiration popping up on her brow as she wonders how much Danny knows! "I thought you and Edmund couldn't stand each other!", Danny say.! After Danny leaves the room, Ben asks Carmen what she is up to. She assures him that she won't harm a hair on Michelle's head! She won't "dirty her hands"! Her plans? To have Michelle carry stolen bearer bonds and get caught and arrested in a foreign country that has no extradition!

Danny runs upstairs to see his beautiful wife and he asks where she's been all day. She's trying to tell him about being at the hospital to help Cassie get admitted so they can convince Reva to come home. Danny hears that she was at the hospital and assumes she is pregnant. Michelle informs him that she is on the pill, a fact he did not know! He was disappointed, which I don't understand because they just came back from their honeymoon!

Rick tells Phillip that Alan is asking to see everyone he's close too, (which means that they could EASILY fit into a hospital room because Alan is not known for his talent for making/keeping friends)! He says that he wants to see Lizzie first, but that he has some things to say and he thinks the time has come to say them. Now I don't know about you, but it drives me crazy whenever someone is dying and they ask to be heard and everyone tells them to shut up! Talk later! Rest! I've always wondered when that time to talk "later" was going to present itself! I've always wanted to reach right through the screen and say "let them speak now or I promise you they will forever hold their peace"!

Alan tells Lizzie that he loves her and that he wants her to take good care of her little brother and all the future Spaulding children. While Alan is trying to talk to Lizzie, Phillip can't stand it any more and comes barging into the room and the rest of the gang follows. They all begin telling him how strong he is and that he just can't give up the fight. Finally Alan says, "if you think I called you all here to say goodbye, you are out of your minds! I brought you here to tell you I am going to live! This time on my own terms"!

What's going to happen next? Just
follow the Light!




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