Tuesday ~ August 3, 1999


Max is still "dissing" Susan and she is crushed! Buzz is out passing cigars in the waiting room and Harley's just glad that it's not baklava!

Reva's getting antsy because she can't make or receive any calls, but not to worry! Edmund assures her that Josh won't read about her "getting the point" of Richard's foil! How can he be so sure? They control the newspapers too! So much for "freedom of the press"! Personally I liked it when Reva asked "isn't this still a free country?" Beings that we don't know anything about San Cristobel, and it doesn't sound too much like a "free country", I found that particularly amusing!

Beth can't keep her trademark tears from flowing as she witnesses the joy Phillip and Harley feel as hold their newborn son!

Jim consoles Beth as she cries and she tells him how glad that she is that he is in her life!

Are Edmund and Olivia friends....or FOE? Can either trust the other?

It's easy to see how much Richard loved Catherine as he spoke of their life together! When he said, "Nothing in this world mattered! Only you and my son!" Will Reva remember her love for Richard too? I can't see how she can remember the child and not remember the love that she felt for his father! How will this affect her relationship with Josh?

Cassie manages to get herself admitted to the hospital thanks to help from Michelle and Blake! Their plan? To make Reva feel the need to come home before she remembers too much of her past!

When Michelle called and actually got to speak to Reva,I couldn't help asking myself, why the heck didn't Reva tell her to tell Josh that she was okay and not to worry in case he should hear about her getting stabbed with Richard's foil? I mean, after all, she was so worried that Edmund wouldn't pass that word on to Joshua that she tried to get a call out from the palace to him and failed!

Poor Susan! Does she remind anyone else of Harley at that age? How many times has Harley said, "my life is over"! I loved Harley's advice to Susan, though about "Boys will come and boys will go! And they will break your heart many times too!" It was, in my opinion, perfect "mom" advice!

Kim Zimmer out does herself today as her memories of her son, Jonathan begin to return! I could feel her pain! Her tears would not stop as she remembered reading a certain book to him that he apparently particularly loved! What will happen next? Just
follow the light!




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