Monday ~ August 2, 1999


Reva got "the point" when fencing with Richard! She never realized that remembering her past could be so "painful"! Now, Edmund would have Richard believe that Olivia is the culprit who "foiled" Richard's time with Reva, but we know better!

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that Max's "adoptive" grandmother is in love with Susan's grandfather?! Ewwwww! Does that make them related? Of course, now that Selena is "through being understanding" with Buzz and Susan told Max to "come back when you grow up", maybe those girls should swear off men forever!

Speaking of men...wasn't it ironic that Alan's heart stopped beating as his brand new grandson's heart started beating? Thankfully Alan was revived and seeing the newest Spaulding gave him the incentive he needed to live!

"Being 13" sounds like a dirty phrase to Susan who doesn't like being "dissed" by Max in front of his friends!

Olivia's scarf found it's way into the room where Reva and Richard are! How did it get there? Hmmmm...depends on who you ask! If you believe Edmund, Olivia dropped it when she switched Richard's foil! Will he get by with his accusations? Let's ask the guard! "Nice try with the scarf! I saw you switch the swords!" Can they reach an agreement? Edmund seems to think so! Personally, I wouldn't trust him, but then I'm not that guard!

Reva to the rescue! She tells Richard that SHE dropped the scarf after Olivia LOANED it to her! What's up with that?

Olivia doesn't know what to make of this, so as soon as everyone else is out of earshot she asks why Reva told a lie! "I never lent you that scarf" Olivia tells her!

Things are just getting better, so....
follow the light!




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