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Daniel von Bargen

Ex-Police Officer Joe Morrison


The Silence of the Lambs
Shadows & Fog
Basic Instinct
Citizen Cohn
Six Degrees of Separation
Robocop 3
Rising Sun
Crimson Tide
Broken Arrow
Looking for Richard
G.I. Jane

Richard Van Vleet

Ed Bauer (#5)


All My Children

Harley Venton

Derek Colby


Sleeping with the Enemy
Clear & Present Danger
Models, Inc.
Winnetka Road

Kristin Vigard

Morgan Richards (#1)



Edward Vilella




Helen Wagner

Trudy Bauer (#3)


As the World Turns
The World of Mr. Sweeney

Glenn Walken
Brother of actor Christopher Walken, who sometimes filled in for Glenn

Mike Bauer (#1)


The World of Mr. Sweeney
Leave it to Larry

Jaison Walker

Martin "I.Q." Wilson



Marcy Walker

Tangie Hill


All My Children
Santa Barbara
Hot Resort

Sydney Walker

Dr. Bruce Banning (#3)


Love Story
Prelude to a Kiss
Mrs. Doubtfire
Getting Even with Dad

Robin Ward

Paul Valere


Sudden Fury

John Wardwell

Brandon Spaulding (#2)


Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

Andre Ware

Rashid, Griffin Williams' bodyguard


Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Ruth Warrick

Nurse Janet Johnson (#1)


The Corsican Brothers
Citizen Kane
Journey Into Fear
Song of the South
Daisy Kenyon
Three Husbands
Peyton Place
All My Children

Cynthia Watros

Annie Dutton, R.N.


His and Hers
Cafe Society
Spin City-guest

Lawrence Weber

Clarence Bailey,
Spaulding corporate counsel



Kassie Wesley (DePaiva)

Chelsea Reardon


One Life to Live
Evil Dead II

Ellen Weston

Robin Lang Holden Bowen Fletcher (#5)



Patricia Wheel

Peggy Regan



Lois Wheeler

Nurse Janet Johnson (#2)


Cry Uncle!

Renauld White

William Reynolds,
WSPN Gofer



Nancy Wickwire

Lila Taylor Kelly (#1)


Days of Our Lives

Trudi Wiggins

Karen Martin



Michael Wilding, Jr.
Liz Taylor's son

Jackson Freemont



Kate Wilkinson

Viola Stapleton (#2)


Another World
See You in the Morning

Billy Dee Williams

Dr. Jim Frazier (#1)


The Last Angry Man
The Out-of-Towners
Lady Sings the Blues
Brian's Song
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Fear City
Alien Intruder

JoBeth Williams

Brandy Shellooe (#2)


Kramer vs. Kramer
Stir Crazy
The Dogs of War
The Big Chill
Poltergeist II
Desert Bloom
Memories of Me
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
Wyatt Earp
The Client=TV series
Jungle 2 Jungle

Vince Williams

Hampton Speakes


Another World

Lois Wilson

Mrs. Laurey


The Secret Storm
The Aldrich Family
The Great Gatsby
Bluebeard's Seven Wives
No Greater Glory
Bad Little Angel

Beatrice Winde

Ruth Price, deceased


The Taking of Pelham 123
The Gambler
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
Oliver's Story
Malcolm X
It Could Happen to You
Jefferson in Paris
Dangerous Minds
She's the One

Penelope Windust

Camilla Crawford



Christopher Wines

Marty Dillman (#2)


All My Children

Marc Wolf

Brent Lawrence (#2)



Sherilyn Wolter

Roger's hired thug


General Hospital
Santa Barbara
The Bold & the Beautiful
B.J. & the Bear
Eyewitness to Murder

Carson Woods

Philip Collins



Michael Woods

Dr. Jim Reardon


Lady Beware
F/X 2
Canadian Bacon

Greg Wrangler



All My Children
The Young & the Restless
The Bold & the Beautiful
Barbarian Queen II
The Mummy Lives
Venus Rising

Teresa Wright

Grace Cummings


The Little Foxes
The Pride of the Yankees
Mrs. Miniver
The Best Years of Our Lives
The Search for Bridey Murphy
Somewhere in Time
The Good Mother
The Rainmaker

Victoria Wyndham

Charlotte Waring Fletcher Bauer (#1), aka Tracy Delmar


Another World

Emmanuel Xuereb

Jean-Luc, Dinah's friend


All My Children
Bonfire of the Vanities
Natural Born Killers
Bad Boys

Lia Yang

Susan, Alan's henchwoman



Stephen Yates

Ben McFarren



Agnes Young

Emma Earnest



Alice Yourman

Laura Grant (#2)



Ramy Zada

Jeffrey Morgan


After Midnight
Dark Justice
Melrose Place

Michael Zaslow

Roger Thorpe (#1)


One Life to Live
Search for Tomorrow
Love is a Many Splendored Thing
You Light Up My Life
Seven Minutes in Heaven
Law & Order-guest

Ian Ziering

Cameron Stewart


Melrose Place
Endless Love

Ed Zimmermann

Dr. Joe Werner (#2)


Who is Harry Kellerman & Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?

Alysia Zucker

Marina Cooper (#2)



Albert Zungallo III

Frederick "Freddy" Bauer (#1)



Jessica Zutterman

Alan-Michael Spaulding (#1)





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