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Ellen Parker
Emmy winner

Maureen Reardon Bauer (#2)


Ties to Rachel
Kramer vs. Kramer
Dream Lover
Law & Order-guest

Kimi Parks

Dorie Smith von Halkein



Dennis Parlato

Roger Thorpe (#2)


Loving/The City
Johnny Suede

Virginia Payne

Mrs. Laurey (#2)



Ashley Peldon

Marah Shayne Lewis (#2)


The Mommies
The Pretender
Child of Rage
Cats Don't Dance
The Crucible
Drop Dead Fred
The Lemon Sisters

Denise Pence

Katie Parker, R.N.


Jesus Christ Superstar

David Pendleton

Gil Mehren



Ed Penn

Gordon Matthews



Christopher Pennock

Dr. Justin Marler (#2)


Dark Shadows
California Suite
Basic Training

Sarah/Rebecca Perch

Marah Shayne (backups)



Audrey Peters

Sarah Shayne,


Love of Life

Arthur Peterson

Reverand Ruthledge


Yours, Mine and Ours

Mary Peterson

Officer Nell Cleary



Joe Petruzzi

Giancarlo Marino


The Mambo Kings

Robert Phelps

Dr. Barry Flannery



Gary Phillips

Duke Lafferty


Karate Cop

Jeff Phillips

Hart Jessup (#1)



Mackenzie Phillips

Rachel Sullivan, intervention counselor


American Graffitti
One Day at a Time

Robert Pickering

Mike Bauer (#5)


The Reluctant Astronaut

Cindy Pickett

Jackie Scott Marler Spaulding (#1)


St. Elsewhere
Ferris Buehler's Day Off
Crooked Hearts

Christina Pickles

Linell Conway


Another World
St. Elsewhere
Romeo & Juliet
Legends of the Fall

George Pilgrim

J Chamberlain (#1)



Gary Pillar (Carpenter)

Mike Bauer (#4)


The Wild Scene

Daniel Pilon

Alan Spaulding (#2)


Ryan's Hope

Larry Pine

John Davis (#2),
Roger's lawyer, deceased


One Life to Live
I, the Jury
Vanya on 42nd Street
Dead Man Walking
The Ice Storm

Mark Pinter

Mark Evans aka Samuel Pasquin


As The World Turns
Another World
Other People's Money

Carla Pinza

Anita Ybarra


The Believers
Law & Order-guest

Louise Platt

Ruth Jannings Holden (#2)


Spawn of the North
Street of Chance

Katell Plevin

Dana Jones,



Joe Ponazecki

Lt./Chief Larry Wyatt


The Cradle Will Fall
The Money Pit

Toby Poser

Amanda Spaulding (#2)


The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

Paul Potter

Dr. Jim Kelly


Slaves of New York

Susan Pratt

Dr. Claire Ramsey Jarrett


All My Children
General Hospital
Before and After

Ed Prentiss

Richard Grant


Days of Our Lives
The FBI Story
Martian Through Georgia
The Barefoot Executive

James A. Preston

Gil Mehren



Peggy Price

Kate Blair


The Pack

Lizabeth Pritchett

Sophia Breitner



Juliet Pritner

Suzanne Devereaux



Paul Prokopf

Mike Bauer (#3)



Lori Putnam

Susanna (Susie) Hayden



John Ramsey

Spence Jeffers


Crocodile Dundee II
Home of Angels

Sherry Ramsey

Lisa Cutler



Lester Rawlins

Henry Benedict (#3)


Edge of Night
They Might Be Giants

Tisch Raye

Hope Bauer (#4)



James Rebhorn

Bradley Raines


As the World Turns
He Knows You're Alone
Cat's Eye
Regarding Henry
Scent of a Woman
Basic Instinct
Shadows & Fog
My Cousin Vinny
Carlito's Way
Guarding Tess
How to Make an American Quilt
White Squall
If Lucy Fell
Independence Day
My Fellow Americans
The Game

Nigel Reed

Tim [T.J.] Werner (#5)


All My Children

Ethel Remey

Elsie Miller Franklin



Laura Rhodes



And the Sea Will Tell

Lee Richardson

Capt. Jim Swanson


Prince of the City
Prizzi's Honor
Amazing Grace & Chuck
Internal Affairs
The Fly II
The Exorcist III
A Stranger Among Us

Gordon Rigsby

Dean Blackford


Time to Run
Husbands & Wives

Barbara Ring

Tanya (#1)



Arnold Robertson

John "Mac" McIntyre



Judy Robinson

Robin Lang Holden (#2)


Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

John Rockwell

Darren Patterson


Another Chance

Barbara Rodell

Leslie Jackson Bauer Norris (#3)



Patricia Roe

Dr. Sara McIntyre



William Roerick

Dr. Bruce Banning (#4)


The Harder They Fall
Not of This Earth
The Wasp Woman
The Love Machine
A Separate Peace
The Day of the Dolphin
The Other Side of the Mountain
92 in the Shade
The Betsy

William Roerick

Henry Chamberlain '80-'95

The Harder They Fall
Not of This Earth
The Wasp Woman
The Love Machine
A Separate Peace
The Day of the Dolphin
The Other Side of the Mountain
92 in the Shade
The Betsy

Lynn Rogers

Marie Wallace Grant (#2)



Frederick Rolf

Dr. Edward Bernhoff


The Seduction of Joe Tynan
The House on Carroll Street
Everyone Says I Love You
The Associate

Jay Rosenbloom

County Hospital orderly



Casey Rosenhaus

Marina Cooper (#1)



Jarrod Ross

Phillip Spaulding (#1)



Elvera Roussel

Hope Bauer Spaulding (#7)


The Cradle Will Fall

Jacques Roux

Dr. Paul LaCrosse


House of Cards

Hansford Rowe

Judge Evan Kruger


The Osterman Weekend
Baby Boom
Bonfire of the Vanities
Dante's Peak

John Gould Rubin

Ray Goodman



Melville Ruick

Rev. Dr. Paul Keeler (#2)


Three Men & a Baby
Dead Again

Gene Rupert

Dr. Peter Nelson



David Lee Russek

Eleni's betrothed in Crete


All Over Me

Leon Russom

Peter Wexler (#1)


Another World
No Way Out
Fresh Horses
He Said, She Said
Star Trek VI
The Phantom

Jack Ryland

Lt. Wally Campbell


Anna to the Infinite Power



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