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Joe Lambie

George Stewart


Edge of Night
Falcon Crest

Nina Landey

Cassie Lawrence



Joe Lando

Macauley West


One Life to Live
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
I Love You to Death

Safra Landon

Diane Ballard



Tammy Lang

Alexandra's upstairs maid



Christine Langner




Jerry Lanning

Cain Harris aka Harry Kane



Ken LaRon



The Bold & the Beautiful
The City

Paul Larson

Jack Haskell


Last of the Red Hot Lovers
The China Syndrome

Lisby Larson

Calla Matthews



Frank Latimore

Dr. Emmet Scott (#2)



Marion Lauer

Nurse Marion McHenry



Larissa Lauret

Simone Kincaid



Elizabeth Lawrence

Bess Lowell,
ex-secretary to Brandon Spaulding


The Doctors
All My Children
The Butcher's Wife
Sleeping With the Enemy
The Crucible

Lee Lawson

Bea Reardon


One Life to Live

Robert Lawson

Marty Dillman (#1)


Man and Boy

Janet League

Sharina Tamerlaine


The Spook Who Sat by the Door

Jennifer Leak

Blanche Bouvier


Another World
Yours, Mine and Ours
Eye of the Cat
The Incubus

David Leary

Scott Lacey



Elissa Leeds

Hope Bauer (#3)


The Woman in Red

Connie Lembcke

Amy Sinclair (#2)



Rosetta LeNoire

Leona Herbert



Joie Lenz

Reva (teen-age clone)

3/98 - 4/98


Ted LePlat

Andrew Norris (#2)



Phillip LeStrange




Bobo Lewis

Dirty Dottie


It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Shining Time Station
The Paper

Mark Lewis

Kurt Corday



Lisa Ann Li

Brenda Lee,
5th Street resident



Karl Light

Lt. Pete Stassen



Ben Lin

Mr. Lee,
5th Street resident & dry-cleaner


Penn & Teller Get Killed
The Lemon Sisters
Mo' Money
If Lucy Fell

Joanne Linville

Amy Sinclair (#1)



David Little

Lt. Jeff Saunders



James Lipton

Dr. Dick Grant



Rita Lloyd

Lucille Wexler



Michael Lombard

Cardinal Mallone,
Kyle Sampson's father


Prizzi's Honor
Crocodile Dundee
Pet Sematary

James Long

Billy Fletcher (#1)



Nia Long

Katherine [Kat] Speakes


Fresh Prince of Bel Air, NBC
Made in America
Boyz in the Hood
Love Jones
Soul Food

Dorothy Lovett

Meta Bauer White (#2)


Meet Dr. Christian
The Story of Vernon & Irene Castle
The Courageous Dr. Christian
Dr. Christian Meets the Women
They Meet Again
Sing Your Worries Away

Will Lyman

Carroll O'Malley


The Crucible

James Lynch




Elizabeth MacRae

Agatha Dobson


Gomer Pyle, USMC
The Conversation
Eddie & the Cruisers II

Gonzalo Madurga

Dr. Gonzalo Moreno



Gonzalo Madurga

Esteban Ybarra



Maarko Maglich

Johnny "Dub" Taylor



Joseph Maher

Whitney Foxton


Another World
Heaven Can Wait
Just Tell Me What You Want
Under the Rainbow
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
My Stepmother Is an Alien
Anything But Love
Sister Act
Mars Attacks!

Larkin Malloy

Kyle Sampson


Edge of Night
All My Children

Nancy Malone

Robin Lang Holden Bowen (#4)


The Long, Hot Summer
The Trial of the Catonsville Nine
Capricorn One

Kevin Mambo

Marcus Williams


Freshman Dorm
One of Us Tripped
The Firing Squad

Ruth Manning

Judy Stassen


Audrey Rose
The Devil & Max Devlin
Billionaire Boys Club

Christopher Marcantel

Tim [T.J.] Werner (#3)



Lori March

Lady Agnes Gilmore


One Life to Live

Mark Margolis

Harry Jones


Santa Barbara
The Equalizer
The Bedroom Window
The Secret of My Success
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Absolute Power

Joe Marinelli

Pauly Hardman


Santa Barbara

Amelia Marshall

Gilly Grant


All My Children

Jesse L. Martin




William T. Martin

Nick Sutton



William T. Martin

Sean Reardon



Feiga Martinez

Sylvia Moreno


The Fan
Critical Condition
It Could Happen to You

John Martinuzzi

David Preston



DeLane Matthews

Amber Schine


Dave's World

Grace Matthews

Claudia Dillman



Robin Mattson

Hope Bauer (#5)


Santa Barbara
Ryan's Hope
All My Children
General Hospital

Curt May

Smitty, 5th St. resident


Blow Out

Deborah May

Dr. Renee DuBois


St. Elsewhere
The Woman in Red
Johnny Be Good
A Walton Wedding

Deborah May

Ivy Pierce (Brenda Lowry)


St. Elsewhere
The Woman in Red
Johnny Be Good
A Walton Wedding

Kevin McClatchy

Vinny Morrison,
Street punk, deceased


Another World
A Friend of Dorothy

Linda McCullough

Hillary Bauer (#1)


BJ and the Bear
Disclosure (voice)

Sean McDermott

Hart Jessup (#3)


Miss Saigon-B'way

Brian McElroy

Ben Reade (temp)


The Bad Lieutenant
How to Make an American Quilt

Barney McFadden

Andrew Norris (#1)


Santa Barbara

Michael John McGuinness

Ken Draper



Paul McGrath

Henry Benedict (#4)



Paul McGrath

Dr. Gavin Hamilton



Phil McGregor

Freddy Bauer (#4)



Stephen McHattie



The People Next Door
The Red Baron
Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Cop III

Bernie McInerny

Father O'Shea



Beverlee McKinsey

Alexandra von Halkein Spaulding Thorpe (#1)


General Hospital
Another World
Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Jack McLaughlin



Regarding Henry
Malcolm X

Megan McTavish

Lola Fontaine



Caroline McWilliams

Janet Mason Norris


Another World

Donald Melvin

Johnny Fletcher (#2)



Eddie Mekka

Street Hustler and Friend of Jenna


Laverne & Shirley
A League of Their Own

Katherine Meskill

Marian Winters


The Unknown Man
The House on Telegraph Hill
Hollywood Story
Diary of a Mad Housewife

Johnny Messner

Rob Layne



Michael Mikler

Sgt. DeMarco


Thunder Alley
Ice Station Zebra

Robert Milli

Adam Thorpe (#2)

'89, '94

All My Children
Curse of the Living Corpse
Playing for Keeps

Rachel Miner

Michelle Bauer (#1)


The Gravekeeper
Spring Pageant
The Diary of Anne Frank-B'way

Maureen Mooney

Ann Jeffers


The French Connection

Lee Moore



Night of the Zombies
Open House

Lee Moore

Glenn Taggart


Night of the Zombies
Open House

Roger Morden

Dr. Dick Carey (#2)



Richard Morse

Karl Jannings



Carrie Mowery

Jackie Marler (#2)



Meg Mundy

Julia Stoddard

'86, '88

The Doctors
Oliver's Story
The Bell Jar
Ordinary People
Someone to Watch Over Me
Fatal Attraction

Ariana Munker

Christie Rogers



Ariana Munker

Christine Valere



Joseph Murphy

Carl Stevens



Fran Myers

Peggy Scott Fletcher Dillman Thorpe





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