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Adolph Caesar



A Soldier's Story
The Color Purple

Anthony Call

Dr. Joe Werner (#4)



Bianca Camacho

Carmen Monvales (#2)



Joseph Campanella

Joe Turino


The Edge of Night
Days of Our Lives
One Day at a Time
The Colbys

Kay Campbell

Helene Benedict



Nadia Capone

Francesca [Chella] Vizzini


Skull - A Night of Terror
A Whisper to a Scream
First Degree

Julie Carmen

Carmen Monvales (#1)



Jean Carol

Nadine Cooper,



James Carroll

Dr. Matt Davenport



Paul Carpinelli

Flip Malone



David Case

Jimmy Mellon,
reformed(?) street punk



Brian Chandler

Jeffrey Battles,



Keith Charles

Alex McDaniels


Ryan's Hope
Key Exchange
Longtime Companion
Drop Dead Fred
Law & Order-guest

Keith Charles

Dr. Frank Nelson


Ryan's Hope
Key Exchange
Longtime Companion
Drop Dead Fred
Law & Order-guest

Keith Charles

Brandon Spaulding (#3)


Ryan's Hope
Key Exchange
Longtime Companion
Drop Dead Fred
Law & Order-guest

Jordan Charney

Dr. Harold Eberhart



John Chastain




Keith Christopher
Deceased, '98

Wyatt, AIDS counselor



Carolyn Ann Clark

Lesley Ann Monroe Andrews, R.N.


The Cradle Will Fall

Marsha Clark

Hillary Kincaid Bauer, R.N. (#2)


One Life to Live

Rodney Clark




Jordan Clarke

Dr. Tim Ryan


M*A*S*H, guest star
Law & Order-guest
The Kennedys of Massachusetts
White Squall

Patric James Clarke

Dick Sexton



Richard Clarke

Brian Lister



Alan Coates

Jamie Loomis


The Edge of Night

James Coco

Carlo Fontini


Man of LaMancha
Murder by Death
The Muppets Take Manhattan
Only When I Laugh

Debra Cole

Connie Lemay

'89, '94

The Hot Spot

Olivia Cole

Deborah Mehren


Coming Home
Some Kind of Hero
Fly Away Home
North & South
Women of Brewster Place

Pat Collins

William Edward "Billy" Bauer (#1)



Paul Collins

Tyler Meade



Whitfield Connor

Mark Holden


Tap Roots
Scarlet Angel
Butterfield 8

Jennifer Cooke

Morgan Richards Nelson (#2)


Gimme an 'F'
Friday the 13th, Part VI

Bret Cooper

Shayne Lewis (#2)



Burton Cooper

Dr. Mark Hamilton



Maurice Copeland

Dr. Waterman



Suzy Cote

Samantha Marler


She's Out of Control
The Big Picture

Geraldine Court

Jennifer Richards Evans,
Jane Marie Stafford


The Doctors
Love Hurts

Alexander Courtney

Lt. Wally Campbell



David Rod Coury

Pretty Boy



Richard Cox

David Jacobs
record company exec


Loving/The City

Barbara Crampton

Melinda Sue [Mindy] Lewis Spaulding Corday Jeffries McHenry/Spaulding (#4)


The Bold & the Beautiful
The Young & the Restless
Days of Our Lives
Body Double
Fraternity Vacation
From Beyond
Chopping Mall
Castle Freak
Puppet Masters

Chase Crosley

Nurse Jane Fletcher Hayes (#2)



Veronica Cruz

Gabriella Grant



Sheila Coonan

Maggie O'Byrne



Kathleen Cullen

Amanda Wexler Middleton McFarren Spaulding


Life's Too Good

John Cunningham

Welles Carrera,
Sonni & Solita's father



Zamah Cunningham

Edna Marsh



Russell Curry

David Grant (#2)


Another World
Santa Barbara
Falling Down
Message from 'Nam

Augusta Dabney

Barbara Norris Thorpe (#1)



Lezlie Dalton

Elizabeth Spaulding



Les Damon

Dr. Bruce Banning (#1)



Rosemarie Dana

Mrs. Popoff,
5th Street Resident

'91, '93


Anita Dangler

Lady Kimball



Allison Daugherty

Rae Rooney



Curt Dawson

Dr. Peter Chapman



Mark Deakins

Paul Wyland


The City

Ruby Dee

Martha Frazier (#2)


The Jackie Robinson Story
Take a Giant Step
A Raisin in the Sun
Peyton Place
Do the Right Thing
A Simple Wish

Lynn Deerfield

Holly Norris (#1)



Ellen Demming

Meta Bauer Roberts Banning (#4)



Roni Dengel

Dr. Ruth Creighton



Elizabeth Dennehy
Brian Dennehy's daughter

(Christina) Blake (Thorpe) Lindsey (#3)


The Waterdance
Clear and Present Danger
The Game

Leslie Denniston

Maeve Stoddard Sampson Reade


Blue Heaven
Pippin (TV)

Mark Derwin

A.C. Mallet
[Anthony Camaletti]


The Bonnie Hunt Show
Evil Obsessions
Silk Stalkings guest

John DeVries

John Davis (#1),
Roger's lawyer & Agency pal



Eileen Dietz

Linette Waterman



Michael Dietz

Alan-Michael Spaulding (#3)


Port Charles

Taye Diggs

Sugar Hill (#2)


How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Ellen Dolan

Maureen Reardon Bauer (#1)


As The World Turns

James Donnelly

Dusty McGuire



Susan Douglas

Kathy Roberts Lang Grant Holden


The Private Affairs of Bel Ami
Lost Boundaries

Suzzanne Douglas



Jason's Lyric
I'll Do Anything

Cynthia Dozier

Alicia Rhomer



Keir Dullea

Dr. Mark Jarret


2001: A Space Odyssey

Michael Durrell

Peter Wexler (#2)



Marj Dusay

Alexandra Spaulding (#2)


Santa Barbara

Virginia Dwyer

Ruth Jannings Holden (#3)


Santa Barbara

Miles Easton

Sir Clayton Olds



Hilary Edson

1. Tanya (#2)
2. Dr. Eve Guthrie,

1. '84
2. '92-'95

Another World
General Hospital

Dana Elcar

Andrew Murray, D.A.


Santa Barbara

Tania Elg

Dr. Ingrid Fischer



Jane Elliott

Carrie Todd MacKenzie Marler


Days of Our Lives
General Hospital
Loving/The City
Knot's Landing
Panic in Echo Park
Baby Boom
Some Kind of Wonderful

Morgan Englund
Cloris Leachman's son

Dylan Shayne Lewis


Beach Balls
Not Like Us
Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

Ethan Erickson

J Chamberlain



Giancarlo Esposito

Clay Tynan



Candace Evans

Norrie Ryan



Carl Tye Evans

Alan-Michael Spaulding (#2)



Judi Evans (Luciano)

Beth Raines (#1)


Days of Our Lives
Another World
She's Having a Baby

Rex Everhart

Nick (Santa)


Friday the 13th
Beauty & the Beast

Sandy Faison

Brandy Shelloe (#1)


The Edge of Night
All the Right Moves
The Days & Nights of Molly Dodd

Jacqueline Falchier

Meg Reade



Jane Farnol

Kate Pearson



Melinda Fee

Charlotte Waring Bauer (#2)


Nightmare on Elm Street:
Part 2

Kristi Ferrell

Roxanne [Roxie] Shayne Corday


Seven Days to Kill

Laurette Fillbrandt

Trudy Bauer (#1)



Don Fisher

Cat Brixton



Frances Fisher

Suzette Saxon


The Edge of Night

Michelle Forbes

Sonni Carrera Lewis/
Solita Carrera


Escape from L.A.
Love Bites
Star Trek:Next Generation- guest

Daniel Fortas

Johnny Fletcher (#3)



Frances Foster

Alexandra's housekeeper


The Juror
Malcolm X
A Piece of the Action

Ron Foster

Dr. Charles Grant (#1)



Clement Fowler

Martin Bruner



Gina Foy

Christina Bauer Thorpe (#1)



Ray Fulmer

Lee Gantry





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