Phillip Spaulding (#2, #4)

Grant Aleksander


All My Children

Jesse Blue

Paulo Benedeti


Hall Pass
Out of the Blue
Wild Things

Drew Jacobs

Tammy Blanchard


Ben Warren

Hunt Block


Knot's Landing
The Lonely Guy
Next Best Thing

[Harlan] Bill[y] Lewis III (#2)

Ryan Brown


Michelle Bauer (#2)

Rebecca Budig


Batman Forever
Sports Illustrated for Kids

Beth Raines Bauer Spaulding (#2)

Beth Chamberlin


The Big Picture
Silk Stalkings
Days of Our Lives
The Right Way
Best Shots

Detective Teresa DiMarco

Signy Coleman


Young & Restless
Santa Barbara
The X-Files (guest)
Chicago Hope (guest)

[Frank Achilles] "Buzz" Cooper [Sr.]

Justin Deas


Santa Barbara
Ryan's Hope
As The World Turns
Dream Lover

Detective Frank Achilles Cooper, Jr.

Frank Dicopoulos


Abigail Blume Bauer

Amy Ecklund


Harley Davidson Cooper
Spaulding Camaletti

Beth Ehlers


The Hunger
Hiding Out

Griffin Williams

Geoffrey C. Ewing


Loving/The City
Homicide (guest star)

Holly Norris Bauer Thorpe Lindsey Reade

Maureen Garrett


Ryan's Hope

Hart Jessup (#5)

Frank Grillo


Jenna Bradshaw Cooper

Fiona Hutchison


One Life To Live
American Gothic

C. Blake Thorpe Marler (#5)
[Christina, Chrissy]

Elizabeth Keifer


The Young & the Restless
Days of Our Lives
General Hospital

Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon

Maeve Kinkead


City of Hope

Dahlia Crede

Sharon Leal


Miss Saigon (B'way)

Matt Reardon

Kurt McKinney


General Hospital
No Retreat, No Surrender

Dinah Marler

Wendy Moniz



Joshua Lewis [Josh, Bud]

Robert Newman


Santa Barbara
General Hospital

Dr. Frederick Bauer [Rick]

Michael O'Leary


Alan Spaulding

Ron Raines


Lillian Raines, R.N.

Tina Sloan


Meta Bauer White Roberts Banning (#5)

Mary Stuart


Ross Marler, J.D.

Jerry verDorn


The Cradle Will Fall

Cassie Layne

Laura Sisk Wright


Loving/The City

Reva Shayne

Kim Zimmer


The Doctors
Santa Barbara
One Life To Live
Models, Inc.
Body Heat
The Disappearance of Vonnie
Seinfeld (guest)



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