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Old Posted 1.30.12, 2:36 PM
Posts: 2,006
Post Newt Gingrich and work ethic.

He had none. Any questions?
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Bare Necessities
Old Posted 2.4.12, 2:58 AM in reply to jolau's post "Newt Gingrich and work ethic."
Catstrack's Avatar
Posts: 2,800
Post Re: Newt Gingrich and work ethic.

This has been the strangest GOP primary/caucus I've ever seen and to think it's coming down to Newt and Romney...

I just don't understand what the party is thinking. Terrible candidates who neither are going to have, IMHO, all that much interest in the national election.

I actually thought Santorum, at this point with his Tea Party influence would be much farther ahead, but he's gonna have a hard row to hoe to ever catch up now.
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Old Posted 2.4.12, 4:13 AM in reply to jolau's post "Newt Gingrich and work ethic."
Posts: 2,006
Re: Newt Gingrich and work ethic.

I think it's a combination of the legacies of the figureheads they admire most, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush.

Ayn Rand: Selfishness is good.
Ronald Reagan: Greed is good.
George W. Bush: It's OK to be dumb.

However, selfishness and greed are good only if you are rich, not if you are poor.
The idea that poor people living on government assistance are parasites started with Ayn Rand.
The whole idea of the lazy welfare queen started with Reagan.
George W. Bush was manipulated by the people that he surrounded himself with. Many of which admired Ayn Rand and/or Reagan.

Look at Rick Santorum's recent remark about drug companies, he says that they need an incentive of thousands to millions of dollars in order to work. But at the same time, people like him believe that because of welfare, there is no incentive for these people to work either. He calls giving one group millions of dollars necessary so they would continue to work, while people living off government aid and getting a few hundred dollars a month and not looking for work because they either gave up or the jobs available aren't incentive enough to leave welfare are lazy.

Ron Paul has this belief system, it's definite in Gingrich and Santorum, and I'm betting Mitt Romney is also as devoted to Ayn Rand's philosophies as the rest.

The result?
They surround themselves in religious imagery and ideology and they make more restrictions on birth control and abortions because it is all they have left of their Christianity.
When challenged about this, they can turn around and say "I'm not evil, I banned abortion, I let you pray in school, learn creationism, and you got vouchers!"

But they are evil.
They spread hate and wage war for the resources of a country half-way around the world.
Thier belief in pro-life ends at birth. After that, they and their mother is essentially on their own.
They like to see other people suffer and die. Warmongering, neglect of the poor, claiming people that don't work are parasites, executions, not very pro-life, are they?
They subscribe to a philosophy that is essentially Satanism in disguise.
All this "Churchyness" is a facade in hopes that people don't realize their evil, or some day figuring out they are evil.

I look at the teachings of Jesus, and the things they do because of their devotion to Ayn Rand, and they are more devoted to Ayn Rand than Jesus. I personally believe that Ayn Rand is an Anti-Christ. She has decieved Christians into not doing the work of Christ in the name of some sort of economic salvation.
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Old Posted 2.6.12, 4:02 AM in reply to jolau's post "Re: Newt Gingrich and work ethic."
Catstrack's Avatar
Posts: 2,800
Post Re: Newt Gingrich and work ethic.

I'm not so sure those are evil... moreso maybe, they understand the dynamics of pandering to gullible people for a political end result.

There is a good deal of statements in the Scriptures about being beware of charlatans who will present themselves as avowed and righteous leaders who may, or may not, actually be avowed or righteous in their own lives. Sorta of buyer beware.

To me, when politicians start throwing around the God card... I become skeptical. Of course, many all do it... but I was not born yesterday and now understand it's a ploy with some to dupe the voters into believing God is on their side... and the other. Sheesh.
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Old Posted 2.6.12, 8:59 AM in reply to jolau's post "Newt Gingrich and work ethic."
Posts: 2,006
Re: Newt Gingrich and work ethic.

I think alot of what they are trying to do is push an economic system based on the philosophies of Ayn Rand. But the way I see it, Ayn Rand is an Anti-Christ. Somehow they've intertwined their belief in Ayn Rand's philosophies with Christianity, but in fact they are completely incompatible. This is probably why they concentrate more on Revelation and the Old Testament than the Gospels.
She created what is essentially a false religion that decieves Christians into doing the work of Satan.
As a Catholic, I vowed to reject Satan, his works, and his empty promises.
Ayn Rand represents those works and empty promises, so I reject her and her followers as well.

Newt sounds like a good example of one of these charlatans. If you examine his life, versus what he says during his campaign, it should be obvious. I don't really want someone that irresponsible to be in control of the direction our nation is headed.
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