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      Ally McBeal

Reasons to Believe
January 8th 2001


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    from TV Guide Entertainment Network:

Anne Heche makes the first of several guest appearances in this strong episode centered on a murder case.

Heche plays Melanie West, who is accused of running down her lover---then backing over him. Esteemed attorney Nicholas Engbloom (Paul Dooley) has come out of retirement to take the case. But Melanie, who has Tourette's syndrome, has not been cooperative. So Engbloom asks for help from John (Peter MacNicol), noting his way of “bonding with the oddball.” But John may have even more common ground with this client. To boot, John's assistance is also being sought by Engbloom's wife Brandy (Anne Haney)---who wants to divorce Nicholas for taking the case. In another storyline, Fish coaches Mark in song therapy to boost his confidence with Elaine.



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