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      Ally McBeal

The Man With the Bag
December 11th 2000


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"The Man with the Bag"
Larry's Ex-Girlfriend Visits During The Holidays On "ALLY McBEAL"
Actress Famke Janssen ("X-Men," "GoldenEye" ) will guest star on the hit series ALLY McBEAL for two episodes beginning Monday, Dec. 11

In the episode "The Man With The Bag," Janssen portrays Jamie, Larry Paul's (Robert Downey Jr.) ex-girlfriend/mother of his son. Just as Ally (Calista Flockhart) and Larry are warming each other up for the holidays, Jamie comes to town and Ally suddenly feels a chill. Janssen will also appear in the episode Monday, Jan. 15.

TV Guide Entertainment Network
Santa Claus comes to town, as does Larry's ex-girlfriend, in this Yuletide episode. To Nelle's embarrassment, Santa is in the form of her father (William Windom), fired from his teaching job because he believes he is the real St. Nick. Nelle asks John for help when her personal Mr. Claus ("Please. Call me Kris") insists on filing a wrongful-termination suit. Meanwhile, Ally and Larry are surprised by his ex, Jamie (Famke Janssen), the mother of his son. In Boston on business for the day, Jamie poses no apparent threat. But Ally's not so sure she wants the woman at the firm's Christmas party. Judge: Jack Shearer. Dr. Schulman: Michael Tomlinson.

Nelle (Portia de Rossi) turns to Cage (Peter MacNicol) for legal advice when her father (guest star William Windom) is fired from his teaching job for believing he's Santa Claus; Larry's ex-girlfriend comes to town.



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