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Saving Santa
December 13, 1999
by Papa C

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The show begins with Georgia trying on jeans in a store, dissatisfied with their baggy fit. The saleslady tells her she knows she's recently single: she can see the line where her ring had been, and newly single people always want their pants to be tight, to attract men.

The department store Santa storms in, with "elves" clinging to his legs. "Santa" is angry with the CEO, who has just fired him. Georgia gets in the middle of the scuffle, and an elf bites her leg. She then kickboxes every person in the room. When the commotion ceases, Santa tells the CEO that he'll make him pay: he'll hire John Cage, Boston's best attorney. Georgia tells the CEO that she used to work with John and, while he is as good as "Santa" said, she knows how he works and how to beat him. She gets her first case for her new firm.

Billy visits Georgia, angry that she has taken on the case against Cage and Fish. She tells him it's not about him.

Ally and John meet with "Santa" [I can't remember his real name - sorry!]. He was fired because he was "too fat". They replaced him with a young studmuffin-type, wanting to attract young customers. Unfortunately, he has no contract, written or verbal, that protects him.

Ally begins having visions of herself as a child. Little Ally tells her "Save him".

Billy comes to talk to Ally, but she pretty much tells him he's a pig [great assessment!!]. She's taking his betrayal of Georgia more personally, because his make-out session with his client Robin, whom he barely even knows, cheapens his betrayal of Georgia with Ally last year during their kiss.

Georgia is hostile towards Ally and the others at court. Ally tries to talk to her, but she insists she's fine. She's annoyed that Ally's interfering yet again, and tells her she can have Billy. Ally announces she doesn't want him.

Ally continues to have visions of herself as a child, but now she sees Billy as a child, too, playing with her. Billy catches her in the unisex during one of her visions, and she admits to him what she's seeing, and says she had thought she was supposed to save her client, but she now realizes she's supposed to save him. She asks if he can remember their talking as children about what they wanted to be when they grew up, but he says he cannot recall. She remembers that he wanted to be a fireman or doctor when he grew up, so he could help people every day. She wanted to be an artist, to paint the world pretty colors.

She tries again to talk to Georgia. She tells her that she can tell they still love each other, and they should at least talk it out before they give up. Then Ally talks to Billy, and tells him the same thing. Georgia then visits Billy. Both admit their betrayals stemmed from anger at each other - he kissed Robin because he was mad at Georgia, who kissed Ally's father because she was angry with him. Then she asks him what he wants, and he says he wants her to put back on her wedding ring. We don't see the rest of their discussion, but Georgia leaves and Billy tells Ally that she told him she just can't take him back.

Back in the courtroom, the judge rules in favor of the defendant. The CEO tells "Santa" that John may not have persuaded the judge, but he did persuade him - he wants to rehire him. Then all of them go to the bar and dance, as a funny song about being fat and liking it plays.

[Scenes for next week: Elaine finds an abandoned baby, and wants to keep it. There's a scene with the men dancing with the baby in the unisex, and the baby - must be a boy - sprays Ling in the face. I could relate to that so well!]

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