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November 29, 1999
by Papa C

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This episode, like the others lately, could be summed up in four words:

Billy is a pig.

The Lawsuit

Billy and John take on the case of a woman, Robin (played by Farrah Fawcett) suing for sexual harrassment at the magazine she now runs. She was sleeping with the CEO and he made her boss, angering the other employees. She only lasted for one issue, in which she put a photo of herself scantily clad. The workers had no respect for her, gossipped about her being trash, and staged a sick-out.

John is interviewed by the news media, and is filmed stuttering. Everyone laughs at him, and he becomes very upset as well as angry. He becomes antagonistic in the courtroom, and Robin fires him from the case. Billy advises her to settle, because she's the boss and could have fired them, and because she did sleep her way into the job; she refuses to settle. Billy insults Robin with some of his male chauvinist, totally-inappropriate
comments, and she slaps him, but keeps him on the case after he promises to behave.

Billy makes an argument that the employees wouldn't give her a fair chance because she is pretty. He loses the case, but gains some respect from Robin.

Meanwhile, Richard and Ling have split up. He bluntly mentions that he wants to know what it feels like to fall in love - doesn't she? She looks a little hurt by that, but tells him she thinks he should find out once and for all if Whipper is that person for him. They decide to have a last amorous evening before ending it, however.

Georgia quits and joins Renee's new firm. Billy is being such a jerk at the office, and she thinks they need time apart during the day. Ally advises her to hang in there - all couples have bumps in their marriage, but they'll survive and Billy will change back to normal.

John feels humiliated because of the newsclip of his stuttering, and decides he's just plain not normal. Nelle tries to tell him he's fine, but he doesn't listen. Ally tells him he's her soulmate, and he's not abnormal, just extraordinary. At the end, she has him smiling.

Robin comes to the office to give Billy a gift: a ceramic pig. She asks him if he's happily married, and the jerk says pretty much, but doesn't look so sure. She kisses him, and he pulls back at first, but then tells her it's okay. They kiss again, more passionately, and she starts unbuttoning his shirt, when Georgia walks in. She tells him she's quit the firm, and she's quitting him: she takes off her wedding ring, leaves it on his desk, and
walks out.

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