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Troubled Water
November 22, 1999
by Papa C

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Billy's brain is apparently still being affected by the bleach. Georgia is
confused and hurt, and this time ends up kissing the man in the bar.

Thanksgiving at Ally's
The whole gang is at Ally's for Thanksgiving dinner this year. This becomes
awkward immediately, for when Ally's parents arrive, we see that her father
is George, the man from the bar with whom Georgia shared a smooch. Everyone
notices that the two are a bit awkward upon "meeting". Whipper and Ling
also provide some tension, as Ling makes stinging remarks about Whipper's
age, and Whipper fires back with her knowledge about Ling's sexual

Billy hammers out a karoke number with Elaine, and Georgia escapes to the
privacy of Ally's bedroom. George follows, and they talk about the kiss;
George tells her it's no big deal, they shall just forget it happened.
However, Ally has entered and overheard. She is extremely upset, and
discusses her father's betrayal with them; upon interrogation, he admits to
an affair in the past. He says it happened after she left home, thinking
she won't feel as betrayed knowing it didn't happen while she was a child
living with them. She is also irate about his kissing Georgia; this time
her mother enters and overhears. Her mother is furious and tells everyone
that her husband and Georgia kissed. Ally tells everyone to leave. They do
so, with Ling being sure to carry out all the food.

Ally argues with her parents about her father's betrayal. Her mother says
Ally might as well hear it, because she has such illusions about a Romeo and
Juliet kind of love. Her father admits he had an affair a few years ago
that lasted 6 months, which her mother knew about, but he mentions that her
mother also had one. She says it was just a retaliatory fling, but Ally
recalls walking in on her mother in bed with another man when she was three.
She asks her mother if this was just a fling as well, and her mother admits
that she was in love with that man. Her father decides to divorce her
mother at this point. Ally puts in an emergency call to Tracy.

Tracy, for some reason, is willing to see them all on Thanksgiving day. The
women are all confused by why this 26 year-old affair is the thing causing
him to ask for a divorce; he says it's because she loved the man, and it
also happened early on in their marriage. The mother says she didn't feel
loved at that time - when Ally was born, George channeled all of his love
and attention towards her. Ally is upset that her mother was jealous of
her, though Tracy seems to understand it. George also admits that he is
hurt that he is no longer Ally's confidante, and feels left out of her life.
She says that is because she is still so insecure, and feels embarrassed
still wondering if anyone will ever love her.

Back at Ally's, her father goes on home. She invites her mother to stay,
but she tells Ally that she'll go home, too. They'll be fine. Mother and
daughter both wish they had been closer.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang has moved the party. Ling's insults towards
Whipper continue, and she demands that Richard speak with her in private.
Whipper asks him why, after their moment of closeness recently, he is
staying with Ling. He answers that, with Ling, he doesn't have to worry
about talking or having a companion and security - it's all about sex, which
is what he wants. Whipper says he's still an emotional coward and leaves.
He follows her. Ling is annoyed, but it doesn't keep her from enjoying her

Georgia and Billy argue, as well, in private. She tells him that the new
Billy makes her want to vomit (applause, applause!). She has always been
thought of as a Barbie doll, and if that's what he wants for a wife, she
won't do it. And she's made it easier for him: she kissed another man, so
he can walk out on her strutting, without being the bad guy. He says that
perhaps they should take a break from each other. Georgia says he doesn't
want to take a break: he wants to make a break. She leaves.

Georgia returns to the party just long enough to ask Renee if she would
consider hiring on another attorney. Renee says she'll give it thought.
Billy and Richard, meanwhile, talk in the unisex. Richard tells him that
women always want more, so you have to hold back on them emotionally.

The show ends with a delightful version of "If you want to swing on a star"
but with words about being a pig substituted, as we see Billy walk along the
street, and run into a female acquaintance. He asks her to go for a cup of
coffee. (He sure isn't waiting long!). Then, "if you want to be a fish":
Richard stops by Whipper's, and tries to explain that all his married
friends end up losing their emotional intimacy and their passion. He wants
to say more, but doesn't. Ally, meanwhile, plays the song she and her dad
used to play together, and broods.

[Scenes for next week show Georgia quitting.]

episode photos

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