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"Heat Wave"
November 15, 1999
by Papa C

Ally and the Carwash Guy
Risa, the woman whose wedding Ally stopped, files a lawsuit against Ally's firm for the way they handled her situation. Ally tries to get the two back together, as they really do love each other, but Risa won't talk to him. Unfortunately, Ally can't seem to stop thinking about Carwash Guy, and she is quite obvious about this when she's with him. She is successful in getting them to meet to work out their problems, but he arrives early and is alone with Ally. He feels uncomfortable being alone with her and asks to wait outside, but she shuts the door and they end up acting on their animal impulses yet again, in her office. Whipper almost catches them when she arrives, but they manage to avoid discovery and both sides sit down to discuss the situation: Carwash Guy, Ally, Renee, Whipper, Risa's attorney and Risa. Risa is still angry about what happened between her fiance and Ally, and sees it as more of a betrayal than her own last bachelorette fling. He tells Risa that Ally is not the mother of his children - Risa is. Ally has a mental image of popping out babies, and asks him for a word in private. Outside, she asks him if he's sure that there's no chance for themselves as a couple; he tells her that he is sure there is not, he loves Risa. She tries to kiss him, but he doesn't give in this time and goes back in to the others. He and Risa leave together, they say goodbye to the others and Risa tells Ally she hopes to never see her again.

Georgia and Billy
Georgia and Billy are continuing to have difficulties, as Billy continues to pursue Richard's line of thinking that men should assert their own wants and not be "whipped". Georgia tries going to a bar without her wedding ring on. She meets a gentleman who has given up drinking, but continues to come to the bar after work to unwind by sitting there and ordering drinks. He can spot that she's married, even without the ring.

Billy is still set on not being what he is expected to be, but instead doing exactly what he wants. He dyes his hair blonde, and everyone on the street stares. He looks quite unnatural. Georgia is shocked and makes it clear she doesn't like it. They speak privately, and he tells her he's not going to be a woman's man anymore (i.e. sensitive), but rather be exactly the way he wants to be (i.e. selfish). She tells him that his behavior is actually designed to get her to leave him, so he doesn't have to take responsibility for their breaking up.

She returns to the bar and talks to the gentleman. She wears her ring this time, to be upfront that she isn't coming on to him, but buys him a drink and tells him she wants to dance.

Richard, Ling, John, Nelle and Whipper
Ling admits to Richard that she has been faking orgasm. This depresses Richard and fills him with self-doubt. He and John lie on the floor and talk about it. John confides that Nelle is quiet and just says "ooh, ooh" softly enough that a cricket could drown her out. Ling overhears them, and tells him that they're just upset that, for women, sex isn't that big a deal: for women, the cuddling is more important to women, and the emotional intimacy.

Richard goes to see Whipper, and asks her about his sexual abilities. She tells him he has nothing to worry about.

Ling talks to Nelle about the situation, and says she is just tired of the Viagra making Richard want it all the time. Nelle asks if she doesn't enjoy it, and Ling says it's ten minutes we put up with so we can go back to the TV. She repeats what John said about how Nelle responds in bed, and Nelle is furious. When Nelle and John meet up later, she lets him have it. He tells her men confide things to one another, just like women, but she thinks talking about their intimacy is a betrayal and she storms off.

Whipper and Richard meet again, and she tells him she doesn't understand why Ling isn't more pleased with his abilities - all he ever had to do was touch her neck ("waddle") to send her into orbit. She invites him to touch her neck, and he hesitates at first, but does.

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